This Class 11th Student Creates A 'No Touch Doorbell' To Prevent Risk Of COVID-19 Transmission - Viral Bake

This Class 11th Student Creates A ‘No Touch Doorbell’ To Prevent Risk Of COVID-19 Transmission

The transmission of coronavirus from things that are touched by many people is a known fact. The doorbell at our home is one such object that is touched by many. However, what if there is no need to touch the bell to ring? Ever thought about that? A class XI student has not only thought about it but has found a solution to it.

Sarthak Jain, a student of Class XI from the Modern Public School, Delhi has built an innovative device. Sarthak has designed a doorbell that functions without human contact.

I developed an automated touchless doorbell with social distancing in mind as even the doorbell is a potential carrier. I programmed Arduino such that when the ultrasonic sensor will detect the presence of an individual in the range of 50 centimeters, it will respond by producing a buzzer sound“, said Sarthak.

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Sarthak got help from Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATL), a government-backed program for students to build their scientific temper. The ATL lab was there in his school. Through an online session with the ATL, Sarthak got in touch with a group of students and the respective mentor to discuss the feasibility of the project, before going ahead with the execution.

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