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This Energy Bar Recipe Can Be Your Saviour From Freezing Winter

While the weather outside might be freezing you down and that search for a tiny ray of sun might be on, you can get both warmth and energy right there at the comfort of your home.

Yes, you heard it right at the home. We have bought a super easy and yummy energy bar recipe that you can make in less then half an hour’s time to not only get that inner warmth but to boost your immunity as well. And guess what, it is sugar-free so the diabetic patients at your home can also have a bite of it.

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So, without much ado, we straightaway move to the preparation method.


First things first here is the list of ingredients that you would need to get this Energy bar made:

  • 200 Grams Seedless Dates
  • One Scoop Peanuts
  • One Scoop Almonds
  • One Scoop Pistachio
  • One Scoop Cashew Nuts

Make sure that the total of Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachio, and Cashew Nuts that you take stands at around 250 grams.

Step By Step Preparation Guide

Now, once you have got that the ingredients its time to begin with the preparation. Let’s get things rolling.

Take a Scoop of Peanuts

Next take a scoop of almonds and put it in mixer with peanuts

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Put a scoop of cashews next

Now, put Pistachio

Next up grind all of them

Grind to make a coarse mixture as shown in the picture

Now, take the seedless dates and cut it and then put it in the jar with grinded mixture

Grind again to make a coarse mixture as shown in the picture below

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Now take a tray and spread cling wrap or silver foil inside it

Pour the grinded mixture in the tray

Flatten the mixture up to make a smooth surface and then close in the cling wrap/ silver foil

Take out the cling wrap with the mixture after some time out of the tray into the plate

Unwrap the mixture by opening the cling wrap and cut slices with the help of a knife

Your energy bar is ready to eat.

Credits: Seema’s Smart Kitchen

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