This Hotel Chain Will Offer A Couple 18 Years Of Free Hotel Stays If They Win This V'Day Challenge - Viral Bake

This Hotel Chain Will Offer A Couple 18 Years Of Free Hotel Stays If They Win This V’Day Challenge

This year’s Valentine’s Day seems to be very exciting for the couples out there as it comes tucked along with so many offers they can enjoy. And writing about these offers for you people literally makes me go, F**k why I’m still single?

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Anyways, here is the deal.

After, a chance to win a stay at Juliet’s residence and a Rs. 6 lakhs wedding ring, now couples have a chance to win 18 years of free hotel stays.

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A hotel chain in Canda, that goes by the name Hotel Zed, is here with a special valentine’s day offer. As per the offer, the guests stand a chance to win 18 years of a free stays at any of their hotels on Valentine’s Day if they are willing to work for it.

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The Deal

The couple, in a nutshell, has to book a room at any of their hotel and if they have a baby exactly nine months after the day of checking in, Hotel Zed will award them with 18 years of free stays at any Hotel Zed location each year on Valentine’s Day.

Hotel Chain Will Offer 18 Years of Free Hotel Stay
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Sounds like an offer for the once planning to have a baby any time soon!!!

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The deal is a part of Hotel Zed’s promotional campaign named ‘Nooner’. The hotel chain has hotels across the world so if you win, you don’t have to worry about the accommodation expenses when you travel with you beau on Valentine’s day for the next 18 years.

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Also, to excite more people to be a part of the offer, there’s a separate offer. One can also book a room for only four hours, which is from 10 PM to 2 AM.

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As per the statement of the hotel chain, it says, “Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day was made for getting lucky (at least, this is how Hotel Zed looks at it).”

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