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After Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Here Comes The Indian Version ‘This is Hindustan’

We just celebrated our 72nd Independence Day. Surely the day is over, but the instagramer in us just can’t stop posting those flashy tricolor beautified pictures.

Is that what Independence REALLY mean to us?

We all know the right answer. And we all know deep down that even if our country is no more shackled by the Britishers, we aren’t really free from several other disguised chains of our own making. The same thought crossed the minds of the geniuses who dwell in the team of ‘The Comedy Factory‘.

this is america indian spoof

The smart-ass folks from this YouTube channel came up with a mind-boggling sarcastic video. And just so you know, it is basically a copy of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino’s song ‘This Is America’. (Coz India me Kuch bhi original Kaha chalta hai??)

this is america

Moving on, to the video. The video,’This Is America’  talks about all the aspects of surviving in America and covers the terrible incidents that took place in the U.S.A  in the past. Gambino perfectly describes the everyday problems that people face in America and highlights the social issues that need to be taken care of.

This song was massively viral when it came out and a lot of funny memes were also made on this song.

If you haven’t got the chance to check out this video, have a look and then proceed to the desi version which is amazingly crafted for the Indian audience.

Now that you know the theme on which this song created buzz, you are ready to witness the Indian version which talks about our country’s serious topics.

This song is all about the crucial socio-economic problems that include controversial topics like rape, pollution, plastic and more. It is put in the most sarcastic way in the video. Because even the makers know, that in India,’ Actually me serious cheezo ko koi seriously Nai leta’.

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So, without further ado mates, here’s the video of,’This is Hindustan’:

In conclusion:

This video highlights all the issues that need attention in India, but, does the change occurs on its own? Without us lifting a finger? No. It depends on each of us to lift a finger. Or if need be, an entire hand, to bring these much-needed revolutionary changes if we want our country to thrive.

Fellow proud Indians, it’s high time you stop that finger dance and instead point that mighty-ass finger on real problems. For once. At least.

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