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13 Spoof Of ‘This Is America’ From Different Countries That Will Tell You What Is Wrong Where

When Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ was uploaded online, even he wouldn’t have thought that it would start a chain reaction.

Yeah, exactly. Just like they used to teach in your chemistry class. That’s what em talking about. It is true that trends are created unknowingly. Just like this one.

Following the theme of ‘This is America’, several countries have come up with their own hilarious versions, in which they explain the problems and issues their country is facing.

Here are the best ones we came across, check it out if you haven’t so far.

1. This is America

2. This is Nigeria

3. This is India

This masterpiece created by ‘The comedy factory’ is the apt portrayal of problems faced in India. This is Hindustan is a sarcastic slap on the face of Indian reality.

4. This is Iraq

5. This is Brazil

6. This is Afghanistan

7. This is Turkey

8. This is Malaysia

9. This is Dubai

10. This is Canada

11. This is South Africa

12. This is Wakanda

13. This is the UK

In Conclusion:

Even though all the videos are made on the concept of parodies, but somehow it still manages to portray the harsh truth each country is facing. The question is when would the trend start to solve the problems instead of making fun of them?

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