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This Is The Noisiest City In India, Residents Save Your Earbuds

While you might witness continuous ‘honking’ and shouting voices on almost every street of India, have you thought which one is the noisiest? Well, the recent tracking of noise level has revealed the noisiest city in the country. It is done by the Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) monitoring stations across India’s major cities.

Noisiest city

As per the data ‘Chennai‘ has been crowned the noisiest city in the country. Across the city’s 10 stations, the average noise levels during the day were 67.8 decibels (dB). This higher than the equivalent figure for Delhi (61dB). The study also showed that every part of Indian cities violates noise pollution standards.

Noisiest city

Noise levels in residential areas should not exceed 55 dB during the day (and 45 at night) as per standards. Across six cities the limit was violated both during day and night. Even designated silence zones, areas around hospitals, for instance, do not meet noise pollution standards.

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ASHP Hospital area in Mumbai is the quietest among the metros at 54 dB, 4dB above the standard figure. Noise pollution has become a major problem in Indian cities. As per the World Health Organization South Asia already has the highest prevalence of hearing loss among children and the elderly. More from the report can be read here

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