This Lady Discovered The 1st Coronavirus Way Back In The 1960s

The virus which has created havoc and destruction in the world these days was discovered 56 years ago. Yes, the ‘Coronavirus’ was first discovered by a Scottish virologist way back in 1964. The lady virologist’s claim was outrightly rejected at that time. Though it was not the present stain of ‘coronavirus‘, it was the discovery of coronavirus as a family of viruses.

The lady we are talking about is June Almeida. She captured the images of the virus. Her images had the virus surrounded by what appeared to be a halo or a crown. The images were dismissed as“just bad pictures of influenza virus particles” at that time by a journal.

june almeida

June who died in 2007 was 34 years of age when she made the discovery. Later she was credited with discovering the first human coronavirus. Coronavirus is a family of viruses whose members include severe acute respiratory syndrome aka SARS and coronavirus 2 aka COVID-19.

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While one of the present virus (a new strain) from the family is creating troubles globally June’s study has once again come to the limelight. Globally the COVID-19 has affected over 24 lakh people.

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