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This Man Dresses As Spider-Man To Clean Trash, Here’s Why

Trash piling up on the beaches, shores have become a common issue across the globe with actually fewer people concerned about it. And those concerned, actually can’t garner enough support from the people to work to clean the mess.

An Indonesian cafe worker named Rudi Hartono experienced something similiar in his country. The man, who took on his shoulders to clean the mess created by humans, didn’t garner much support from the locals when he asked him to join and collect garbage dressed as a normal man.

Source – Hindustan Times

But once, he donned a Spider-Man costume, things changed. “At first, I did the same activity without wearing this costume and it did not attract the public’s attention in order for them to join and help pick up trash,” said the 36-year-old Hartono, wearing his red and blue Spider-Man costume.

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“After wearing this costume, it turns out the public’s response was extraordinary,” he added.

Source – One News Page

Indonesia has become a dumping ground for garbage, which ends up at its shores from the water it is surrounded with. Also, the fact that it’s the fourth most populous country means that it generates 3.2 million tonnes a year of waste every year.

Many parts of Indonesia suffer from having little in the way of organised public services to deal with this trash.

Source – Newsflare

A Cause

Rudi before starting his work at the cafe collects garbage from around the city contributing to make his country cleaner. His efforts have been praised by many people across countries and he has also been interviewed by various newspapers and magazines.

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He recalls that he had bought the costume to amuse his nephew but now is using it for a cause.

Indonesia, an island country that homes more than 17,000 islands is also the world’s second-largest producer of plastic pollutants in the oceans after China.

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