This Man Got Diagnosed For Back Pain Only To Discover That He Has ‘ 3 Kidneys’

Well, back pain has given us tough times for sure. You might yourself have experienced it if you are a 9 to5 employee or a desk job doer. However, never would you have discovered such a strange reason for that pain. This man found such a reason behind his back pain.

A 38-year-old Brazilian man who was having severe back pain only got to know that he is one of the rarest case. When the doctor went to Hospital do Rim in São Paulo for treatment his CT Scan revealed he has 3 kidneys. And the 3rd Kidney is fused with the 2nd.

The scan revealed that the man had 3 kidneys, one on his left side and two fused kidneys located near the pelvis. He also had a herniated or ‘slipped’ disk which was the cause of back pain. herniated or ‘slipped’ disk. There are fewer than 100 cases reported in the medical history where the person has 3 kidneys.

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As per doctors, such things happen when the condition arises during embryonic development during the pre-birth period. Since there are no symptoms of the condition people very often discover it by accident via the unrelated medical diagnosis, said The New England Journal. The man meanwhile doesn’t need any medical attention for his extra kidney.

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