Watch: This Man Using A Cockatoo Bird To Propose His Girlfriend Is Something Beyond Creativity

Damm!! the proposal game of people is getting better with each passing day. Like, remember the one where a man proposed love to his girlfriend by editing her favourite movie?

Now, in another instance, we have a man using a Cockatoo bird at an Australia Zoo to propose love to his lady.

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The video has an animal trainer, who is supposed to put up a show for the audience. But behind the scenes, Erin (the guy) has teamed up with the trainer and the adorable Cockatoo bird to put up an unexpected show.

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During the show, after randomly choosing Jess, the trainer asks Jess to pull out a $5 bill under the pretext of showing her a trick. And when she does, the trainer asks the bird to fetch the for her. Soon after, the trainer tucks a receipt in the bird’s mouth and asks it to give the same to Jess. And the receipt was nothing but a paper reading “will you marry me?”

The people on the internet are surely loving the unique way to propose:

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Can it BE anymore heartwarming?

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