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Watch: This Restaurant Offers Fishy Pedicure Beside Ofc, Food

Anything you get beside food in a restaurant is a bouns, be it our desi love “cheeni and sauf”, or pedicure by fish.

Yes, you heard it right, pedicure by fish. Already craving one!!

The tables and chairs at Soto Cokro Kembang in Indonesia’s cultural capital Yogyakarta sit in ankle-deep water and are not only famous for there servings bust also home to thousands of little fish that droll in the water while you feast on the servings.

Besides just drolling, these fishes also do a tickling thing – nibble dead skin off the feet offering the guests a soothing pedicure experience.

Guests to the restaurant call the experience ticklish that makes eating fun.

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Notably, many spas since ages across the globe have touted fishy-spa as a unique experience for treating skin conditions. Howvere, it’s not a scientifically proven treatment.

Restaurant owner Imam Nur, thanks his father for coming up with the unique idea which entails over 7,000 Red Nile Tilapia swimming around its patrons.

“We initially opened this restaurant just for locals living nearby,” says Nur adding that he is happy about the fact that the restaurant “has become like culinary tourism and many people are coming here from different cities.”

Unmanned Road, Indonesia

Though some people term the practice as cruel to animals, especially (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) PETA, howvere, just in case if it isn’t then you must surely add it to your itinerary to Indonesia.

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Also, we would recommend you tip these fishes (maybe with food) for their tickly service coz, why not?

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