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This ‘Trunk’ Would Sanitize ‘Groceries’ And ‘Currency Notes’

‘Sanitization’ has been the key to prevent the community spread of ‘COVID-19‘. Taking that into consideration students of IIT-Ropar have bought a unique solution. Since ‘currency notes’ and ‘groceries’ are one of the most touched items they are potential carriers of the virus.

While houses and other places including humans are sanitized these things are left behind. Not anymore as this device developed by a team of IIT-Ropar would sanitize them. The team of students has developed a trunk-shaped device fitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology. The device can be placed at the doorsteps of the house.

All items brought from outside including grocery and currency notes can be put into the device for sanitization. As per developers, the device can be made available at less than Rs 500. It takes 30 minutes to sanitize the items and the team. After one cycle it needs a 10-minute cooling-off period before one takes the items out.

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The fight against corona pandemic, will not end just with social distancing and not stepping out. In the coming days and weeks, it will be extremely important to be cautious with everything possible. We have developed a device that looks like any trunk in our home, and we recommend it be placed at doorsteps or maybe somewhere closer to the entry“, said Naresh Rakha, Senior Scientific Officer at IIT Ropar.

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