This Video Impressively Explains How Social Distancing Works Wonder

Social distancing, quarantine and lockdown, we have been hearing a whole lot of these words over the past few months now. And while most of us have understood the importance of the terms, many still don’t have made up their minds to practice them.

So to literally ‘help’ these people, Ohio Department of Health posted a thought-provoking video that explains how social distancing works.

In the creative video, a ping long ball is dropped from above on a cluster of rat traps with placed close to each other. And as soon as the ball touches the cluster of rat traps, that have ping pongs balls attached to them, a chain of reaction occurs.

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The second part of the video, however, shows the rat trap/ping-pong ball placed at a distance and the way the single ball misses the traps.

Social distancing ball video

Through the video, the creators try to make people understand that it only needs one person to start the chain of spread and before they would know, they would have spread the virus to thousands of people.

So it is a must that each one of us practice social distancing.

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Moreover, if the above video isn’t understandable, then here is another one that will help you understand the importance of social distancing.

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