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Watch: This Woman Has Fulfilled Her Lifelong Dream Of Celebrating Her 100th Birthday In Jail

We all wish for something special on our birthday and Ruth Bryant, who was celebrating her 100th birthday a couple of days ago, is no different.

birthday in jail
Source The Tribune India

For her 100th birthday, Bryant had an unusual wish of being handcuffed and put behind the bars where she can celebrate her birthday. And the wish came true as she was arrested form her birthday party in front of her friends and family.

“Are you Miss Bryant?” a police officer asks as he approaches her table, sirens blaring in the background.

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“It all depends on what you want,” she tells the cops to which the officer responds: “Here’s what I want. I want you.”

The officers from The Person County Sheriff’s office handcuff her for her indecent exposure. She was arrested and put into the back of the cop car (we wonder how happy she would have been). And guess what? No one at the party knew about the gag party trick, not even Bryant’s daughter, Marian Oakley.

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“Don’t kick me; I’ve got a bad knee!” the deputy said, to which Bryant replied: “I’ve got two bad knees!”

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