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Watch: Woman Juggling Football Wearing Pencil Heels Is Talent At Its Best

Like every other sport in the world, football is all about experimenting. From a flip-kick in Football, to scoop shot in cricket, it’s is the experiments that over the years have amused us and sports fans across the world.

In yet another experiment, a woman recently shot herself juggling a football with pencil heels on instead of shoes. And if you have a woman by your side, then they will tell you how difficult it is even to walk wearing those 4-inch heels.

woman juggling football in heels

Well, this woman surely posses some amazing talent that helps her nail the act. One simply cannot stop looking at the video, impressed and intimidated by the woman at the same time, for having skills like those. Have a look:

As you progress into the video, her skills only intensify as you get to see her juggling the ball while sitting, squatting, lying and even while doing pushups.

The video was posted by a Twitter user with a caption ‘Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have 24 hours to respond to this’. 

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And I’m sure the two wouldn’t want to respond to the same but only appreciate the woman’s skills. The video is surely viral and people can’t stop talking about it:

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