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Where Would I Eat My Lunch? Thoughts That Come To Mind When It’s The First Day Of New Job

The moment you get a ‘Thumbs Up’ for your new job, the excitement automatically doubles over. You start imagining life and things that will happen once you join your new organization.

You may be a little nostalgic over leaving the previous one, but that does not stop you from being thrilled for the new one. From thinking about what you are going to wear the very first day to fantasizing about how your new office would look like are some of the thoughts that cause butterflies in your stomach.

Though you are anxious, yet you feel proud and happy inside since it’s a kick start of your new journey.

Well, talking about my own personal experience, it was funny to the point of being comical. Or probably, everyone feels the same way. Why don’t you read this further and let me know if you too had similar things going in your head.

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No kidding! I felt like an overzealous but nervous kid, who ponders over curious questions. I mean, who thinks of ‘where would be the washroom’ or would my manager ask me to shave off the beard before even exploring the entire office. Crazy me! Haha!

I know how this sounds a little bonkers but I would like to share some of the crazy thoughts that were hovering over my mind on my first day in the new office. Hey, you don’t get to laugh at me and call me silly, for I know there are many of you out there who must share my “silly but obvious” notions.

Here’s how my mind was playing with my poor heart on the first day of office.

1. Would they ask me to work or would they only do the formalities?

thinking worriedly

Hey, wait! Don’t judge me as shirk. I don’t run away from work. Lol! But somewhere I believe that the first day in office should be more about exploring things. Do you agree with me?

2. What if I remain confused the whole time?

wait what thinking gif

Well, I am often confused, even at things I am familiar with. No one is perfect, you know! But I think going to a new place and experiencing new surroundings can make anyone perplexed and flustered. Okay, maybe for a short while unlike me! Lol!

3. Oops! I forgot my notebook and pen

holy shet gif

This is not for the well-organised type out there. This is for the people like me, who are often venturing into another world when something important is taking place in this one. Well, I forgot my notebook and pen on the very first day.

Even after my mom-dad reminded me to keep things beforehand. Aahh… that is why my mom must be calling back-to-back when I was travelling in the morning. That’s typical me, always forgetting stuff and regretting afterward. Huh!

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4. Which seat would I get?

thinking gif

Well, I prefer corners. (don’t like to sit in the middle). This kept popping up in my mind all the while. But as they say, you never get what you desire. So here it is, I got the stupid middle one.

ViralBake Telegram

Anyways, it’s still good since I don’t have to bear the extreme chilly AC. *Wink*

5. I hope my colleagues would be friendly

jack sparrow looking randomly

You must agree to the fact that when we join a new organization, we can’t stop our presumptions about our future colleagues. Office colleagues are the ones who you have to turn to for help. So, building a good rapport with them is the first rule of office bible.

Moreover, you always compare your new office colleagues with the previous ones and miss them in hour of need. You take time to gel up with new ones. For someone like me, who is not really an extrovert, this is a another effort you need to make.

6. Where would I have my lunch

what will i do gif

Well, this sounds stupid. To think where to have lunch and with whom while you are being inducted by the HR. Of course one would eat where everybody else eats. Lol!

Still, I was anxious about the lunchtime. Find it weird? But then again, it’s me!

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7. Shall I ask them about the tea or coffee break

sherlock homes thinking

Though I’m not really fond of tea and coffee, still I can’t get this thought out of my mind. Maybe I am trying to find out the mini-break outlet.

Oh God! does everyone think about such trivial issues in the new office before entering their new workstations or is it just me?

Sounds like you?

If you have also felt something like this or even crazier than this on your first day at the office, do not hesitate to share your petty heebie-jeebies in the comment section below.


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