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Things Ambanis Could Have Done Instead Of Giving Rs. 3 Lakh Wedding Card

Rich people act outrageously sometimes. (OK, correction- Most of the times)

Sometimes they spend thousands on a pair of shoes. Sometimes crores on a car and sometimes they even buy an island, because they CAN.
Throwing money

It really seems that when you have money that you can’t handle, you end up spending it on lame things which don’t benefit anyone.

Rs. 3 Lakh Wedding Card!

You must have heard about the wedding card of Isha Ambani, daughter of the Ambani empire. It’s a Rs. 3 Lakh Wedding Card. Yeah, I know it sounds outrageous, but for Ambani’s it’s nothing. They are proud to show off that they have so much money that they can spend 3 Lakhs on inviting each guest to their daughter’s wedding.

But I guess that instead of spending such amount of a wedding card, they could have done something else which would benefit the invitees.

Here are my options-

1. A Car

decorated car

Imagine someone handing over a car key and inviting you to a wedding. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I guess Ambani’s should have carved the dates and initials of the wedding couple on the car and used it as an invitation. And I bet the people would have been blown away. I mean, I would have.

2. Tanishq Gift cards

diamond ring

Instead of a 3 Lakh wedding card, they should have given a 3 lakh worth Tanishq gift card. The invitees would have had so much fun picking up the jewelry of their own choice, right?

3. A cruise ship package

cruise ship

Wow, a cruize trip? Imagine you being invited to a wedding by being gifted a package for you and your family on a super sexy cruise ship. Wouldn’t you be on cloud 9 if that happened?

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4. Rolex


Who doesn’t love a Rolex? Everyone does, right? No one would have questioned the wedding invitation even for a split second if they were invited with a personalized Rolex watch engraved with the date of the wedding.

5. Holiday Package


If a cruise was too much, Ambani’s should have bought a 3 night 4 days package for an expensive holiday destination and used it to invite the guests for their daughter’s wedding. It would sure as hell be an invitation of a kind.

6. A Bike

sports bike

A shiny brand new sports bike would have made an excellent invitation. I bet even the color wouldn’t have mattered. The guests would have loved to get a bike instead of a fancy box filled with random jewelry.

7. Asian Paints voucher


If Ambani’s would have bought a package from, say Asian paints, they could have re-painted the entire house of their guests to be. And trust me, the guests wouldn’t be able to forget the invitation. At least as long as the paint remained. LOL.

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8. High-end branded bag

branded purse

How about a Jimmy Choo or a Dolce Gabbana bag? Everyone love branded bags and if a wedding invitation brought a bag along, it would guarantee their arrival on the wedding day and that too with an expensive gift. (Psst..though I don’t think Ambani’s really need any gifts)

9. Cash

drake god's plan

Last but not least, the sweetest gifts of all could have been a bundle of hard-raw-cash. Probably, with the top note etched with the wedding date and venue. Who wouldn’t want to spend free money on things that they like the most?

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Moreover, if they really wanted to get the best thing from people, i.e their blessings, they could have gone a step further to do the following:

1. Make Public Toilets

How about spending that heap of money which Ambani’s have, on building public toilets? The underprivileged people would have blessed the Ambani’s with all their heart, don’t you think?

2. Covert slums into houses

Instead of a wedding card, Ambani’s should have put in their funds in converting shitty slum areas to something the people would have cherished. Won’t they? And with those, would have come a hell lot of blessings.

3. Donated goods in an orphanage

Or how about donating some goodies in an orphanage. I am sure Isha Ambani would have received a lot of pure love and blessings from the hearts of those orphans. And I bet even if they are rich AF, they sure would have cherished this feeling.

4. Host a massive free food campaign

India is land of poor people. Several people sleep on the streets and are hungry because they don’t have anything to eat. If Ambani’s would have been generous in terms of spending, they would have easily hosted a massive food campaign where the poor would be fed, for free.

5. Distribute laptops for students

There is a horde of students everywhere who could have benefitted from a laptop. Instead of Rs. 3 lakh wedding card, Ambani’s could have easily bought lakhs of laptops and distributed it among students. The return would have been unexpected from beaming happy hearts of those students.

In Conclusion:

I know you all are smirking and thinking about these sweet ideas. Only if Ambani’s would have consulted me before wasting money on a fancy wedding card, I would have walked them through these bright ideas.

Because I know, any option from my list would have brought a bigger smile on the face of guests than a Rs. 3 Lakh’Wedding card’ did.

Am I right or am I absolutely right?

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