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Three Success Mantras To Give Your Life A Jumpstart

How do you define success?

Well, the definition of success is different for every individual. For some, gifting an Audi to their Dad is success and to others taking out time for family while making just enough is success. For Geeta and Babita (read Gitta and Babitta), seeing that proud smile on their father’s face was success.

To me, if I have to conclude success, it is satisfaction from life. The moment I am satisfied with what I have done in life, I will be successful.

But would that day ever come? Lets park that discussion for next time.

And while we think what a life would be after being successful, there are many people (including me) who is still paving that path.

And here are the three success mantras I have learned, that gave me a better clarity towards my goal:

1. Never lie to yourself:

Even after knowing and hearing this sentence from so many people, we never get it right. We try to implement it, and in the process, start ignoring ourselves and stop accepting the failures eventually. Causing more harm than good. And you know why that happens?

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Just one word in the answer- Ego.

You can also say, falsely being truthful to yourself. Sound confusing right?

Sometimes we make great efforts to achieve certain result. And when that doesn’t happen, we console ourselves by saying “aah, at least I tried”. But was that really enough?

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Isn’t it an understatement of what we can actually achieve. I’d say we should in that moment, analyze if we were pushing the wall, or were we trying to move things in wrong direction. Maybe our efforts were right but just not in the right direction.

Or maybe the efforts weren’t enough and next time we give it a bigger push. The point is to never let failure pass away with a consolation. Which is a subset of not lying to yourself.

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2. It is OK to fail


It is totally OK to fail. But when you accept the failure is when you lose the game. Failing is a part of the learning process. It should act as a realization of where you truly stand. Back when we were kids, we used to get demotivated by seeing low marks in our test papers.

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Actually, they were the most important documents which gave us the chance to improve and help us move forward. But we never really looked at it that way. And for us, getting highest marks in class was the purpose of life.

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Let us not repeat the same mistake again and continue doing that till we die. We should learn from the times we fail but don’t consider ourselves a failure.

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3. Give your best shot:

Don’t we amaze ourselves from time to time? We do things that we never thought our puny brain could achieve. And that is because we underestimate ourselves. We often are filled with doubts. It takes a lot of courage to really believe in our own self without a frag of doubt in mind. And it takes a lot of energy to just to do that.


This is because in our head, we are trying to fight the norms of the society, the world or how our friends see us and what our parents expect out of us and other bla bla of life. All of this becomes a hindrance in giving the best shot. Sometimes we fake believe in ourselves and at other times we are too proud to accept a defeat.

In Conclusion:

So, in a way all these three mantras are co-existent. They act as pillars to the strong foundation of us achieving success. And we mustn’t forget that the meaning of these three mantras goes a lot deeper than how they sound on the face of it.

So, we need to keep our mind at ease, think how these mantras are making sense in our purpose and implement until we achieve our version of success.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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