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Madras High Court Ordered Centre Government To Ban Tik-Tok, Here’e Why

After PUBG, India is set to ban Tik-Tok mobile app in the country. Madras High Court has ordered our Central government to ban the download Tik-Tok.

The reason is simple and clear. This Chinese video sharing mobile app is making inappropriate content made available to minors. Though, India is not going to be the first country to do that. Indonesia and Bangladesh have already banned Tik-Tok in their respective countries.

Even, the USA has passed Children’s Online Privacy Act, to ensure that kids won’t become cyber victims. And now, India has also decided to take some necessary measures and decided to ban this app.

Who appealed to ban the app?

Tik Tok Ban

Tik Tok has become one of the most active video sharing apps in the world. Even media channels use viral Tik Tok videos to show what’s trending on the internet. You must have also come across a number of stupid Tik Tok videos while browsing Twitter or Instagram.

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Apart from just being stupid, some of these videos are also offensive and accused of showing pornographic content. Muthu Kumar, Madurai-based senior lawyer-cum-social activist has filed this petition. Referring to the pornography, child abuse, and suicides, Muthu Kumar petitioned the court to order a ban on the app.

To which now judges, Justices N Kirubakaran and SS Sundar has directed the central government to react before April 16. The government might pass the laws such as “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” that is used by Americans to tackle the Tik-Tok problem.

Why they are banning Tik Tok?

Tik Tok Ban

Though, in a recent interview with Reuters (London based news agency), Tik Tok official stated that “Maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment … is our priority.”

But the court still believes that the “inappropriate” content on this can harm the youngsters in many ways. The app also allows it’s users (children) to interact with strangers, which raises the concern of child safety.

Not just this, but teens posting pranks videos are sometimes more than just a prank. Also sharing screens with strangers while making duet videos raise the risk of exposing them to sexual predators.

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In Conclusion:

The government has to make sure that mobile applications like this won’t cause any harm to its users. And after hearing all the accusations, now the court has ordered government bodies to take appropriate action.

All this is done to make sure no one gets hurt because of a puny mobile app. 

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