Jama Masjid Banned The Use Of Tik Tok App Inside The Premise And Formed A 10 Members Team To Tackle The Issue - Viral Bake
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High Court might have unbanned the use of Tik Tok in our country. But Delhi Jama Masjid has made a special announcement of banning the app in its premises.

Since last Tuesday, every hour the announcement of Tik Tok app being banned inside the premise has been made. Not just this but they are also taking big steps to control this Tik Tok situation.

But why did they do so?

The reason behind banning tik tok in the premise of Jama Masjid is not as sophisticated as one given to the HC. Music is not allowed inside the prayer room and the viral video’s that have been shot inside the Jama Masjid are causing harm to the heritage of the mosque.

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Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid told the media that the movement restrictions have also been added. So that authorities can keep an eye on people who are trying to make such videos inside the mosque.

“During prayer time, that is five times a day. Both namazis and non-namazis are allowed to access the two small domes for their prayers. To to get inside they have to go through the main dome route. We want to restrict the area, as music is not allowed inside the mosque. so that we can keep a watch on youngsters making such videos as music is not allowed inside a masjid,” said Bukhari.

This has come after seeing more than five viral TikTok videos that have been shot inside Jama Masjid. This includes one that shows two women doing a handstand. The place is made for worship and not for making viral video’s. These Tik Tok video’s are disrespecting the culture of the mosque.

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“I know about the Tik Tok is a popular app amongst youngsters. I have never noticed such videos being shot at Jama Masjid before. No matter if it’s a temple, a mosque or a gurdwara, one cannot behave in this manner. This is a place of worship, it is not meant for such activities,” said Bukhari.

In Conclusion:

Authorities at Jama Masjid are concerned about this new viral trend of making silly videos. Their 10 member team is a huge success. As they have already caught several kids who were trying to make such videos. Only the locals giving a hard time, as even after the hourly announcement that asks not to make Tik Tok videos inside the premise, the special 10 member team is catching people who are trying to go viral.

Tell us what you think? Is it a valid step taken by the authorities of Jama Masjid or is there any other option to tackle the situation?

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