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How To Buy The Best Bread And Preserve It Effectively

Do you love the smell of that freshly baked bread? That’s the best bread.

That enticing smell when you cross a ‘Subway’ store just tingles your senses and makes you wanna eat a truckload of bread. Tell me if I am wrong.

Everyone loves to consume bread in one form or the other. Some choose white, some go for brown. Then, there are a few who only eat multi-grain bread and some eat any bread they can pour some ketchup on. But do you know how to buy the best bread and preserve it effectively? Here’s how you can do that-

1. Check the Sodium content

best bread

Always check the sodium content. Go for the one which has the lowest amount of sodium present in it.

2. Check the quantity of fiber

The higher the fiber content, the better the bread. Always choose loaves of bread that have ample amount.

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3. Don’t buy bread with refined flour

best bread

Refined flour is something you would not benefit from. So, don’t go for bread made out of refined flour.

4. Preservative and color are a big NO NO

If you spot the presence of preservatives and food color in bread, just go for any other option.

5. Check the fat content

best bread

The thing is, if the bread has lots of fat, it won’t go stale quickly. So, you should always choose bread with high-fat content.

Now that you know how to buy the best bread, you should also know the tips and techniques you can use to keep it fresh for a longer period.

Here are the best ways to store bread and keep it fresh-

1. Don’t store it in the fridge

best bread

Most of you choose the fridge as the best spot to store your loaf, but it isn’t right. Keeping it in the fridge just makes the bread lose its moisture at a faster rate and in turns stale.

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2. Store it at room temperature

Instead of storing it in the fridge, try to keep the bread at room temperature. Just keep in mind that the temperature should be moderately cool. Around 20 degrees or so would be fine for preservation.

3. Use foil or plastic to wrap it

best bread

You can use an aluminum foil or a plastic to wrap the bread in and save it for next use. The foil locks in the moisture and the bread don’t go stale.

4. Freeze it up

Don’t put in the fridge, instead put it in the freezer. When you freeze the bread, the temperature instantly drops

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5. Sprinkle some water and microwave it

best bread

If the bread has become hard, just sprinkle some water and microwave it for 5-7 minutes. Voila, the bread will be as good as new.

In Conclusion:

Being a bread lover, I know how much it hurts when you want to have that sandwich and you find that the bread has gone stale. Well, now you know what to do to keep it fresher for longer. Use these simple tips to keep your best bread fresh for a long time.

You can thank me later when you are having that salami sandwich!

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