Tips for a Smooth Process For Scheduling a VFS Visa Appointment

Overseas travel from India is in great demand for a variety of reasons, including the desire to travel, study, and work. At the same time, there are unsure and suspicious groups that can help you will all this illegally.

Several incidents of visa fraud have recently been discovered in India. In most cases, unsuspecting candidates were cheated out of their hard-earned money and faced the penalty of attempting to unlawfully enter a foreign nation. 

Tips & Tricks For Staying Safe From Visa Scams

1. Dealing With Immigration Officers

There are several immigration agencies that offer to make your international aspirations come true.  However, do not believe every promise they make. If there are no appointment slots available for an Italian visa at VFS, your immigration agent will not be able to obtain one for you. If they do, it will very certainly be some kind of fraud. These agents may also charge a fee to process your application or provide you with your visa appointment letter. Keep in mind that visa fees are always given to governments rather than individuals, and there is normally no price to schedule an interview. 

2. Make Use Of Official Channels

From the beginning to the completion of your visa application procedure, be sure you only use legitimate channels. Most visa appointments can only be made through the immigration website of the targeted nation, the embassy in your country, or VFS.  To schedule an appointment, go to their official websites. Keep in mind that most VFSs, consulates, and other visa application facilities do not accept walk-ins and require a prior appointment. 

3. Do Not Respond To Suspicious Phone Calls Or Emails

Scammers are likely to call you and claim to help you get a visa or visa appointment letter. If they want payment for the same, this is a red indicator. If someone calls you about a visa you never applied for, this is another red flag. You can even receive a scam call claiming that your shipment, which you never shipped anywhere, is blocked at customs in a distant nation and that you will be arrested if the dues are not paid. If you have just visited or are currently in a foreign country, you can receive a call informing you that you made a mistake on your immigration form and that you can be arrested if payment is not paid. Do not entertain any such calls or emails or texts.

4. Documents Should Be Double-Checked

If you get a document from a third party that must be included on your visa application, such as an appointment letter, you should double-check its authenticity. 

5. Check For Spelling Errors

Check the spelling of any website, email address, or document. If anything is misspelled, especially in a name, it is most likely a forgery. 

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