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Self Defense For Girls : Here Are 7 Basic Moves You Should Know About

Considering the current state of our country, there is no doubt that India is not a safe country for women. The news of rape, murder, domestic violence and sexual abuse always keeps making headlines.

Amidst of all this, it’s up to you how you can protect yourself. They say precaution is better than cure, but what precautions can you take in this case?

Learning self-defence can be the start. Knowing it’s not hard and it can actually help girls. People are enlisting their name in classes teaching self defense for girls.

In case you don’t have time to physically go to a class to learn those cool martial art moves, you can learn them here. Self-defence is not really hard, and this is our guide on how to protect yourself in a misfortunate situation.

1. They can’t attack you if they can’t see you

self defense for girls

Eye is one of the most vital organs of our human body, in case someone is approaching you with the bad intent get ready to teach them a lesson. Use your fingers or knuckles and charge towards the attacker’s eyes.

Poke it, scratch it or do anything that’ll limit their view.

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2. Make them bleed, attack their nose

self defense for girls

In case you are already in the corner and the attacker is standing very close to you, the best way to escape the situation is to attack their nose. Punch them directly on their nose with a full blow. Or use the heel of your palm to hit them under their nose.

This will cause extreme pain to your attacker and provide you enough time to escape.

3. Try the Hollywood move to stun them, attack their neck

self defense for girls

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You might feel it hard to move your body, while stuck in that situation but remember size doesn’t matter. Hit them with a karate chop on the side of the neck. As the side of human neck houses the carotid artery and jugular vein.

Blocking the flow of blood with a sharp karate chop will temporarily stun them.

4. Make them taste the ground

self defense for girls

Knee is considered as the ideal target when you need to attack someone for your own self-defence. In a close range situation, kick the attacker on the inner side of their knee that’ll make them lose their balance and also cause the injury that’ll prevent them from following you.

Also, knee is the safest place to attack without the risk of your foot being grabbed.

5. Teach them a lesson, use your elbows, knees, and head

self defense for girls

Nose, eyes and neck are the vulnerable part of the human body. Just like them, there are parts that can cause more damage when used for the attack in a hostile situation. Use your elbows, knee and head to attack on the sensitive parts of your attacker’s body.

Don’t hold back and use your bone power to defend yourself.

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6. Use your car keys, a magazine or any other everyday object as a weapon

self defense for girls

In the classes of self defense for girls, they have taught to use different everyday objects as a weapon for their own safety. You can use your car keys, pen to hit the attacker that’ll make them leave you alone. Roll your magazine and then fold it in half and you got an object stronger than a stick.

Even a pebble will work if you are smart. You don’t have to get scared of the dark alleys anymore.

7. Learn how to use your body weight

self defense for girls

According to physics, size, weight and strength don’t matter. You can take down a bigger target just by strategically using your body weight. The best part is you don’t have to stand their trading punches with the attacker.

Learn the laws of physics and some moves, to take down a bigger target just with the help of your body weight.

In Conclusion:

Self-defense isn’t about fighting people walking on the streets, it is made to defend yourself in case of any mishappening. That’s why most of the self-defense moves don’t ask you to trade punches with your opponent. It only teaches you the quick moves that are easy to learn and very efficient to take down opponents even those with the bigger size.

Learning self defense for girls has become quite necessary. So, other than reading this post if you decide to enrol yourself in a class of self defense for girls, it’ll be a good choice.

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