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Grab Your Pooch For Sound Sleep Women, They Are Better Than Your Hooman. Study Says

Do you own a dog?

Do you love dogs? Most of you do. If you already have one, good for you. But if you don’t, go grab one today. Dogs are adorable and cuddly and there are thousands of reasons for you to own a pooch.

However, today you have one more reason to add to that list. According to a study, the quality of your sleep matters the most. No matter how many hours you sleep, it all comes down to the soundness of it. And the sleep quality next to your canine is way better than the ones you have with your spouse or lover. According to research, this is what you should do for sound sleep.

What does the research say?

According to a recent study done at Canisius College in New York, women sleep better next to a dog than their human partner. It simply means that for sound sleep, you should choose your dog over your guy or anyone else for that matter.

Pets are known to give out good vibes, especially dogs.

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The survey was done on 962 adult women. A segment of the women shared their bed with at least one dog. Further, the participants slept next to their human partner and a small division of the group shared their bed with a cat.

The results of the survey:

As expected, the women who shared their beds with a dog reported a peaceful sleep. All the women had stronger vibes of comfort and security coming from the pooch. On the contrary, the result of sleeping with cats and sleeping with spouse turned out to be the same. So, you know for sound sleep these guys aren’t the right option.

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Women who slept next to their human partners and their cats mentioned lots of disruption in their sleep. Of course, cats took the lead because they have sharp claws at their paw ends, unlike human partners. So, yeah, cats were the ones who caused lowest levels of comfort and security with their sleeping partners.

Why are dogs better sleeping partners?

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Apart from giving you a night of better sleep, dogs are helpful in other terms as well. If you want to follow a healthy routine of early to bed, early to rise, your pooch can help you do that. It is seen that families with a dog at home tend to go to sleep moderately and wakes up early the next morning.

It regulates healthy metabolism in your body too.

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In Conclusion:

It doesn’t mean you should dump your spouse and marry a dog instead, but it’s just that you got another reason to cuddle with them this winter. You know that for sound sleep you need to make a choice. Now, go and make your hooman partner understand that he shouldn’t be jealous of the dog.

After all, you can even share the bed together with your pooch snuggling at the blanket’s end, can’t you? 

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