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Viral Video: This Tea Vendor Was Using Toilet Water To Make Tea

We always try our best to adopt the best hygiene around us. Why? well, undoubtedly to keep ourselves fit and fine.

sheldon spraying in kitchen for hygiene

We take great care in keeping our kitchens clean. We don’t like to eat anything suspicious, especially while traveling. Because we know a bite of that will ruin the entire trip.

And when it comes to ‘CHAI’ (proudly our national beverage), we make no compromises. We like to sip our Chai in style, telling everyone about it with that weird sipping sound.

amitabh sipping chai

But this tea seller in Secunderabad Railway Station is nothing less than our worst enemy. He has ruined that moment for all of us especially those who traveled on that route.

Watch this video to find out for yourself:

This  tea vendor was allegedly using toilet water to make tea and coffee for the passengers’ refreshments. Seriously, the tea would have be served to almost every passenger on the train and after all this happening nobody can really understand the emotional downfall the passengers of that train are going through after knowing all this. Such a nasty refreshment one can ever have in the lifetime.

disgust feeling and vomitting

Though, the alleged has been fined Rs. 1 lakh for such disgusting crime.

But the point is, 

Will those travelers ever be able to forget what happened with them?

Will we ever be able to trust these food vendors again?

For a little mischief, they have ruined all the street foods for us.

eating indian street food

Maybe along with the luggage, we should also start carrying a spare bag so that we will never have to regret on such bummer.

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