Top 10 Countries in the World Enjoying Fastest Mobile and Broadband Internet Speeds

The internet is a vital part of our modern world. It lets us do things like watch cute animal videos, shop online, do serious academic research, and work from home. Nowadays, the internet is super fast, especially in developed countries. This means we can stream TV shows and movies on our phones, download huge files in minutes, and have real-time video meetings with our colleagues. But it might surprise you to know that some other countries have even faster internet speeds. Even if you’re paying a lot for really good internet, the fastest speeds in the world might not be available where you live.

Top 10 Countries With Fastest Mobile and Broadband Internet Speeds

Top 10 Countries With Fastest Mobile Internet Speed

  • United Arab Emirates – 238.06 Mbps
  • South Korea – 202.61 Mbps
  • Norway – 177.72 Mbps
  • Qatar – 172.18 Mbps
  • China – 165.38 Mbps
  • Kuwait – 157.18 Mbps
  • Saudi Arabia – 155.97 Mbps
  • Cyprus – 144.64 Mbps
  • Bulgaria – 142.27 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 135.70 Mbps

Top 10 Countries With Fastest Broadband Internet Speed

  • Monaco – 261.82 Mbps
  • Singapore – 255.83 Mbps
  • Hong Kong (China) – 254.70 Mbps
  • Romania – 232.17 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 229.96 Mbps
  • Denmark – 227.91 Mbps
  • Thailand – 225.17 Mbps
  • Chile – 217.60 Mbps
  • France – 214.04 Mbps
  • South Korea – 212.57 Mbps

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Ookla Statistics

According to Ookla, who knows a lot about internet speeds, in September 2021, the average global download speed for fixed broadband was 113.25 Mbps, while for mobile, it was 63.15 Mbps. These numbers are much better than what they were in September 2020, when fixed broadband was only 85.73 Mbps and mobile was 35.96 Mbps. As technology gets better and networks improve, we can expect these numbers to keep going up.

In 2021, Monaco had the fastest broadband with 226.60 Mbps, beating last year’s leaders, Singapore and Hong Kong. But when it comes to mobile, the United Arab Emirates was in first place with a super-fast 238.06 Mbps, followed by South Korea at 202.61 Mbps and Norway at 177.72 Mbps.

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