Top 6 Pointless Features Installed in Your Smartphone to Raise the Price

Are you happy that your smartphone has got so many features? Then what if we tell you not all of them are necessary, and even a few are pointless to be on your phone. Yes, exactly. Companies are installing and marketing even the purposeless features of their smartphones to overcome the competition. Moreover, this also helps them to increase the rates. In practical terms, these innovations are useless and have little to no effect on improving the performance of your smartphone. Let’s explore these features in detail.

List of Top 6 Useless Features Installed on Your Smartphone:

1. RAM Expansion

RAM Expansion

Although the debate has concluded about whether RAM expansion increases a phone’s performance speed, multiple users have reported that they have yet to see any change. But companies are embracing RAM expansion and misleading customers to think they are getting more RAM.

2. Depth Camera

Depth Camera

The trend of the triple camera first started in 2018, with the wide-angle and in-depth camera sensor introduced along with the primary camera. The only use of a depth camera sensor is to provide a DSLR-type blur effect to the image, which is pointless. It’s because the blur effect for the images comes with the software.

3. 144Hz Screen Refresh Rate

144Hz Screen Refresh Rate

With the enhancing smartphone abilities, one of the best features that arrived for display is a fluid 144Hz refresh rate. The smoothness it provides to the display refresh rate is irresistible. But the most useless feature is when your display comes with a 144Hz refresh rate which is just a waste of battery life. Why? It works similarly because you can’t feel much difference between a 120Hz and 144Hz refresh rate.

4. Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner

Android has undergone a transformative evolution, blossoming into a remarkably adept operating system that manages the delicate balance between retaining essential apps in memory and intelligently terminating others. Consequently, RAM cleaner apps, often bundled with numerous phones, have been revealed as an extra addition. Intriguingly, specific Chinese phone models cloak these apps under the guise of ‘Security’ tools, yet they merely serve as a conduit for an influx of intrusive adware.

The palpable inefficiency of these applications becomes evident when contemplating the potential scenario in which Android 14 might entirely dispense with them, including the tertiary RAM cleaner apps commonly offered by third-party providers.

5. 8K video

8K video

A brief 60-second escapade into the world of 8K video engulfs a staggering 600MB of storage, dwarfing its 4K counterpart by twofold and leaving its 1080p predecessor four times behind. The lopsided storage appetite becomes a disheartening reality, casting a shadow over the incremental advancements that 8K video quality bestows upon its 4K predecessor. Moreover, the nascent proliferation of 8K displays prompts a valid inquiry into the rationale behind fervently embracing this resolution realm for recording endeavours.

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6. Cheap Macro Lenses

Macro Lenses

Suppose your mobile device boasts a 2MP macro camera lens. In that case, chances are high that its presence serves a similar role to that of a depth sensor – strategically contributing to the augmentation of the camera array. Incorporating diverse cameras comes with associated costs, and even the integration of budget-friendly alternatives results in distributing these expenses among purchasers. It is prudent to contemplate leveraging your primary lens and employing cropping techniques to capture your desired shot instead of relying on a 2MP macro lens.

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