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Our Top 7 Ways That You Can Use To Win An Argument

Winning an argument is not just about screaming in the face of others. Although, your girl always do that and this is kind of her only tactic to win any argument.

We know you must have felt bad when this happens, you have lost the battle, maybe it wasn’t a real deal, maybe it was just about who ate the ice-cream last night. Whatever it is the main point is you have lost the battel.

But don’t worry we have found the best way that you can use to win any argument. No, we are not just going to help you win the fight against your girlfriend. Instead, by using our tips, you can easily take on big guys, politician, entrepreneur and even a billionaire when it comes to an argument. So, without further ado here are our top 7 ways to win an argument.

1. Don’t try to win

How to win an argument

No, we are not suggesting you to stop trying, instead, we just want you to act like you are not trying to win. Contradicting ideas of other people, left them with only one option, to fight (to argue). So, if you are trying to prove other people wrong, Don’t say “you are wrong,” this will put them on the edge, instead, act like you are on their side and politely tell what you want to tell.

2. Be cool, be civil

How to win an argument

Arguments are rational, whatever other person is saying, no matter how stupid it sounds, do not lose your temper and be cool. Just as I mentioned in the beginning, winning an argument is not a screaming contest. So act civil, listen to what other person has to say and then react in the best way you can.

3. Ask open-ended question

How to win an argument

This is the best way to win an argument, peacefully. Instead of just getting into a real argument, try to ask some open-ended questions. This way you can turn the real argument into a polite (maybe not always) cooperative discussion.

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4. Show that everyone thinks the same

How to win an argument

When Galileo proposed that the earth is round, no one believed him and this topic becomes an unnecessary argument. Do you know why? Because people think this can’t be true and there was no one on his side. That’s why it is wise to show that other people also believe what you are saying is right.

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5. Be confident

How to win an argument

You can never prove anything if you yourself don’t believe in it, and if you don’t believe in it you won’t feel confident enough. If you know that you are defending the right thing, or you are right, just be confident and let other people hear you. Even if you ate the ice-cream last night because it was your share, blame it on the cat and act confident about it.

6. Use graphs

How to win an argument

Using graphs means you believe what you are saying. Also, graphs will make you look wise, and people believe things that look more graphics. Graphs will let you present all the important data to back up your argument. I believe you have kept all the receipt of her shopping bills, use them to win the fight.

7. Don’t ask why ask how?

How to win an argument

It is proved in a 2013 study, that the people who want to put their extreme views on the table, instead of telling why they are right, they prove how they are right. Honestly, this trick can help you save a lot of time that you might have wasted in the argument otherwise.

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In Conclusion

God knows himself that there is no way a man can win an argument from a woman, but still, we had tried to share these 7 ways to save yourself from the guilt of losing. Next time you see that face of your girl, that’s screaming “come-on bitch I’m ready for an argument,” you know what you have to do.

I hope you won’t have to sleep on the couch again.

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