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Top 5 Electric SUVs That You Can Bring Home In 2019

Electric Vehicles are undoubtedly the future of the automobile industry. They are environment-friendly, cheaper in terms of energy consumption and offer comfort like any other petrol or diesel car. Such alluring benefits are the reasons why people mull switching to electric vehicles. Moreover, the governments across the length and breadth of the globe are also revising taxes levied on the production of electric cars for promotion purposes.

With that being said, if you are lured enough, and plan to make the switch, then here are the best five all battery-powered SUVs you can bring home in 2019.



A Morris Garages creation, MG motor announced the production of its electric SUV the MG ZS, in India, at its plant in Halol, Gujarat. Notably, this would be MG’s second launch in India after MG Hector.

MG ZS competent to go from 0-100kmph in 9 seconds will pack a 44.5kWh battery that will cover 230kms in one charge. The battery will take 35 minutes to charge using an 85kW DC charger. The SUV with room enough to pack a family of 5 is expected to go on sale starting from $26,000.

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4. Hyundai Kona

Electric car

Most likely to be the first electric SUV in India, Hyundai’s fully-electric Kona can get you places. Sporting a 39.2kWh battery, Kona promises a driving range of a whopping 452km and can go from 0-100 in just 9.7 seconds.

Moreover, the car comes with an 8 years battery warranty alongside in-car features like shift-by-wire automatic transmission, electric parking brake, tyre pressure monitoring system, and heated seats. As of price, Kona has been priced at roughly $33,375

3. Volvo XC40 Small SUV


Volvo’s first electric car, Volvo XC40 Small SUV, is expected to make a debut later this year. The car expected to be priced at $35,000 is being designed to be expressive, home ingenious storage and smart technology that offers comfort while turning heads.

Volvo will also offer a range of plug-in hybrids for all its other models, including some that may have more than one plug-in hybrid option. So, if a fan of Volvo, you must consider waiting for a while to get yourself the best deal.

2. Mercedes Benz EQC

The next of the list is Mercedes’ new EQC – the electric beast. The SUV offers a range of about 445-471 km and can sprint from 0-100kmph in 5.1 seconds. That’s a wow!! As far as the exterior goes, the SUV practicality meets sports car sleekness.

The EQC offers convenient charging solutions that adapt to your lifestyle: whether at home using the Wallbox charger, or on the road at one of the public charging stations.  The car has been priced at roughly $80,000.

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1. Jaguar I-Pace

electric Vehicles

Honed to go from 0 to 100 in a mere 4.8 seconds, the I-Pace is Jaguar’s first-ever performance SUV. To add to its wows, the SUV offers a range of 470 km on a single charge. You can bring home the Jaguar’s I-Pace at $76,500

And for a premium SUV, it also offers a head-up display, dual touch screen panels, cushiony seats, hardcore security features and everything else that makes a Jaguar “A Jaguar”.

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