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Top 15 Indian Celebrity Kids. Names With Meanings And How They Look Now

You must be familiar with Indian celebrity kids names like Sara Ali Khan and Jahnvi Kapoor.

After all, being a celebrity kid in India comes with its own perks. The path to enter B-town is paved by the celeb -kid tag and they get instant love and attention wherever they go.

I am sure you must have come across a zillion paparazzi pictures of Taimur Khan. Also, Aradhya Bachchan as she is Aishwarya’s baby. So, I am leaving them out of this list.(lol) But, here are the top Indian celebrity kids that you might not have seen lately. Especially, now that they have all grown up considerably. Check out the top 15 celeb kids in their current avatar.

1. Nysa Devgan

nysa devgan Indian Celebrity Kids Names
Nysa – The Goal: A new beginning

The precious daughter of Ajay and Kajol Devgan. Though the parents have kept her far far away from paparazzi, Kajol uploades pictures of Nysa on her Instagram profile. No wonder, she has grown up into a confident young lady is no longer a kid now.

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2. Yug Devgan

yug devgan Indian Celebrity Kids Names
Yug – Era (in regards to time)

The younger sunshine of the Devgan family is Yug Devgan. Apart from living a super cool life, Yug seems to be like every normal kid, as he has never been spotted by the shutterbugs doing flimsy activities (at least up till now). The latest picture of Yug was shared by Kajol on her insta account and it looks cute.

3. Azad Rao Khan

azad rao khan Top Indian Celebrity Kids Names
Azad – Free, independent

The name says it all. Belonging to the gene pool of perfectionist Aamir Khan and the very talented Kiran Rao, this young sapling from the Khan empire looks super adorable. There were pictures doing rounds on the internet when he was born. And this is how he looks now.

4. Viaan Raj Kundra

viaan raj kundra Top Indian Celebrity Kids Names
Viaan – Full of life and energy

Everyone still remembers the extravagant wedding of Shilpa Shetty with Raj Kundra. The two are blessed with the star of their eyes, ‘Viaan’. The kid hasn’t been very popular in the B-town as of now given his very young age. But looking at the family picture, he sure as hell looks like he will do something big in future.

5. Arjun Tendulkar

arjun tendulkar indian celebrity kids names
Arjun- A warrior hero in Hindu mythology

The son of the cricket god. Arjun Tendulkar has all the charm his father Sachin had. The adorable face, strong determination and the zeal to do something big. No doubt he has started climbing the stairs of success on step at a time. He travels a lot and is equally interested in sports, which prove why all his pictures are of a stadium.

6. Hrehaan and Hridaan Roshan

indian celebrity kids names
Rehaan – God’s chosen one
Hridhaan – A person who has a big heart

The two sweet boys who look as dashing as their father have been known by all fans ever since they were born. Hrehaan and Hridaan are the two sons of Hrithik Roshan and seem to have a good life even after their parents separated.  This one is from trip father-sons had together in Kalahari desert in Botswana.

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7. Renee

renee sen indian celebrity kids names
Renee – Reborn or born again

Sushmita Sen’s is the hottest single mother. And her act of adopting a daughter has made everyone respect her more and more. Renne or as she calls her ‘Renee Shona’, is dearly loved by her mother. She seems to be good at dancing at this young growing age and is kept away from all kinds paparazzi by her mom.

8. Zack

zack indian celebrity kids names
Zack – Laughter

The diva, with caramel skin and classy poise ‘Lisa Haydon,’ turned heads with her pregnancy pictures and later gave birth to her son ‘Zack’. And trust me, she still looks like a fine young lady and not like someone who has a child and is a doted mother. Zack is a fun-loving kid and was spotted enjoying a holiday with his mum.

9. Ahan Shetty

ahan shetty indian celebrity kids names
Ahan – Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory

Son of Sunil Shetty, this handsome hunk has taken all the features of his father. Except for the fact that he has a lighter skin tone. He is all set to begin his career in the Bollywood industry. Since he has such good looks, he should easily pull off any given role. Let’s see how that turns out for him.

10. Aryan Khan

zack indian celebrity kids names
Aryan – Ancient Aryan people

The handsome Khan adds a star to the legacy of Khan’s. Aryan has been spotted quite often with his other siblings and dad alike. He is the eldest son of Shahrukh Khan and poses as the loving and caring brother for his younger siblings.

11. Suhana Khan

zack indian celebrity kids names
Suhana – Pleasant, Accept

She created headlines when she featured on the cover of Vogue. Definitely, it was around the lines of nepotism and media favouring star-kids. But that’s just what happens in B-town. She is the only daughter of SRK and getting the perks of being King Khan’s daughter, she is just living the life she should.

12. Shahraan Dutt and Iqra Dutt

zack indian celebrity kids names
Shahraan – Royal Knight
Iqra – To educate

After being released from jail, Sanjay Dutt finally is having the family time with his loving wife and two kids. Both these kids are bundles of joy in Sanjay’s life and he shared this lovely picture of him sitting in a Puja along with his children.

13. Aarav Kumar

zack indian celebrity kids names
Aarav – Peaceful

Being Akshay Kumar’s son, you must be thinking that Aarav is a little on the chubby side. But I guess, Akkshay will make him tun as fit as his father eventually. Having a mix of Twinkle’s and Akshay’s looks, he looks adorable though, doesn’t

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14. Nitara Kumar

zack indian celebrity kids names
Nitara – Deeply rooted

The little sunshine of the Kumar family, Nitara is the younger child of Akshay and twinkle. She loves animals and also loves spending time in the garden a lot. As you see, the pictures show mum and daughter spending a beautiful time in the garden.

15. Arhaan Khan

zack indian celebrity kids names
Arhaan -Ruler, Emperor

The pictures say a thousand words and Arhaan sitting next to Malika while she holds their pet just looks adorable. Arhaan is the only son of Arbaaz and Malika.  Though the parents have gone separate ways now, Arhaan loves his family and loves spending time with his mom.

In Conclusion:

Indian celebrity kids names have always been in trend given their unique choices of names and also the kind of lifestyle they have. Being a star kid has its own pros and cons. But I would say, its more pros and very minor cons.

Sometimes, I wish I was a celebrity kid. But then, the reality hits and I kind of feel good that I can walk on streets without being groped for a selfie or face a hundred camera clicks on my way to the gym.

What about you? Do you agree?

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