Track Your Aadhaar’s Usage: Learn How to Check Its Activity History on the UIDAI Website

The Aadhaar Card is quite important in our lives since it allows us to do a variety of crucial functions. It’s a crucial document for various actions, including opening a bank account and verifying the activation of your PAN card. Neglecting the relevance of Aadhaar might lead to issues, making it critical to prevent any errors linked to it.

The possibility for Aadhaar misuse has expanded in today’s time, necessitating more vigilance. Being ignorant of where your Aadhaar card is being used may expose you to unnecessary risks, maybe resulting in difficulty on the road. It’s a good idea to keep track of the activities on your Aadhaar card to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

UIDAI, the organization in charge of Aadhaar, provides a useful feature called Aadhaar History. This tool gives information on the use of your Aadhaar card in the past and current. It also tells you which papers are associated with your Aadhaar card. This tool enables users to discover and fix any discrepancies as soon as possible, maintaining the security of their Aadhaar information.

To Use This Service, Complete The Following Steps:

  • Go to, the official Aadhar card website.
  • Select “My Aadhar” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Aadhaar Services,” then “Aadhaar Authentication History.”
  • A new window will be launched. Enter your Aadhaar 12-digit number and the security code.
  • Select “Send OTP.”
  • You may then retrieve your Aadhaar card’s history.

Carefully review the information in the history. If you notice any mistakes or discrepancies, go to an Aadhar Center once to repair them. If you observe misuse or find discrepancies in the use of your Aadhaar card, contact UIDAI immediately at their toll-free number, 1947, or through email at [email protected]. The security of your Aadhaar card is in your hands, and remaining proactive helps ensure correct and secure usage, avoiding any problems down the road.

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