Vehicle Challan Rate List 2023: Increased Challan Rates for More Strictness

Traffic Police in Delhi and Gurugram area has increased strictness on the traffic rules and imposed hefty fines.

If you think you can get away from traffic rules disobedience like you did the last time, then you are wrong. Traffic Police in Delhi and Gurugram has geared up to improve traffic for which they are being merciless when it comes to putting traffic challan.

These days in Delhi-NCR, the traffic police have geared up to ensure that the traffic rules are followed. Action is being taken against those who violate the rules continuously and challans are being deducted.

Traffic Challan New List: Increased Traffic Challan Rates for More Strictness

According to the reports, Delhi Traffic Police has sent away 332 challans in the last few days to the people who were breaking the rules. This included 41 challans against black glass, 60 against not wearing the rear seat belt, 1 against driving a minor and 230 against driving on the wrong side.

However, the bigger part is the amount set against these challans. As mentioned before, the Traffic Police has increased the amount against these challans with a few more and here is a list of all mentioned below:

Challan TypeChallan Price
Wrong Side DrivingRs 25,000
Driving without licenseRs 5,000
Drive without seat belt and helmetRs.1,000
Wrong number plateRs 3,000
Black film on the windows of the carRs.10,000
Not putting the seal belt behind in the carRs.1,000
For driving a minorRs.25,000 or 3 Years in Jail
For riding a motorcycle wearing slippersRs.1,000


In this article, we learnt about the Traffic Challan New List that will be imposed in case any challan was put against the drivers breaking a traffic rule. Please follow all the traffic rules because they are meant for your safety and not following them would be harmful for your safety only.

Please share this article with people who do not indulge in safe driving.

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