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Who Should We Blame The Train Accidents On In India?

India is a busy country. Everyone here is always in a hurry.

Whether it’s a road or a railway crossing, everyone behaves as if they are in an invisible race of who finishes first. It’s a pity that it leads to several accidents almost every day. And the heart-wrenching incident that killed 61 people in Amritsar train tragedy proved that.

People in this country treat railway tracks as their backyard. Even if they spot the train coming at a railway crossing, they would still try to cross, putting everything at risk just to save their 5 minutes.
Recently, a user by the name of Dr.Gill posted a video which showed how careless and casual people are on railway crossings.

train accidents

Even the gate-man who is appointed to make sure that there is no one on the tracks when the train is approaching is seen to have a lot of trouble controlling the crowd.

careless people on railway track train accidents

Because clearly, no one can be seen paying heed to his requests of getting off from the track.

train accidents

Meanwhile, the train can be seen just a few meters away honking to clear the track, but it certainly doesn’t seem to have any effect on people around. The location of this crossing is unknown but there are thousands of other railway crossings, which face the exact same situation every day.

Watch the video here:

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In Conclusion:

This video is a live example of the heights of carelessness, which is very prominent in people when it comes to being careful while crossing railway tracks. Every year hundreds of people lose their lives over train accidents and then the crowd blames government for train disasters.

Who do you think is responsible for these rail accidents? The government? Or the people who don’t follow a single rule which is meant to be taken very seriously?
You decide.

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