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Train Passenger Performs A Dangerous Stunt: Video Goes Viral

Will the craze to play with death ever stop?

Especially for teenage boys who think nothing can touch them and they can play the superhero with absolutely anything and everything including a dangerously speeding train.

In a world full of illnesses, dangerous challenges, and decapitation, where people struggle to live for one more day, this “adventure boy” performs stunts while footboard traveling in a train that was headed from Govandi to Chembur.

This video went viral on Sunday when he was seen performing tricks. The video was shot by probably another passenger.
Look at him, not more than 15 or 16-year-old, this kid thinks himself invincible.

train passenger dangerous stunt

Hanging by just one foot and hand, his entire body is hovering in the air.

train passenger dangerous stunt

He even touches an electric pole passing by, to amplify his flying experience.
train passenger dangerous stunt

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Someone shouts at him and asks him to step inside, but he still hangs halfway out of the train.

train passenger dangerous stunt

Have a look at the entire footage here:

A case against him has been registered under section 156 by the Railway Protection Force, Mankhurd.

Just last week, there was another incident of a 17-year-old girl falling off the running train when some alert passengers pulled her in a nick of a time. She was also carelessly traveling on the footboard.

In Conclusion:

What would it take to make these people understand that it is not safe to travel on the footboards? Innumerous lives have been lost due to carelessness, hurry, and ignorance. RPF has arrested 68 people for the same reason so far.

Although the Central Railway is initiating special awareness drives to minimize footboard travel, it’s a shame how people have to be reminded of their own safety as well.
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