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8 Things That We Used To Call Trash In The Past But Now Use To Define Them As Class

When I was the kid, probably in 3rd standard or 4th, I was not very popular. Some bully kids used to call me trash. Luckily time changes and now the trash has become a treasure. Everyone wants it.

Yes, I have friends now, too many of them. And I am not ‘trash’ anymore, you can call me classy.

Just like me, here are the 8 things that were considered as trash in the past, but now they are classy.

1. That penthouse (top floor)

considered trash in past

Before the invention of electric elevators in the 19th century, all the top floor were considered of no use. They were cheap because it was tiring to climb up all those stairs to get to your room. (Then realizing you forgot your bag on the ground floor.) Seriously, I don’t even want to imagine.

Thanks to Werner von Siemens who invented first electric elevator, now I know I can relax in my penthouse.

2. Wine was for alcoholic

considered trash in past

What is now considered as the drink of modern people and housewives, there was a time when wine was considered as cheap and a drink of alcoholics. In 1950s, Australians were very focused on beer (I don’t know why) and it was considered as the drink of modern gentlemen.

Thanks to the Greek and Italian migrators, wine is now considered as a classy, high standard drink.

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3. Tanned body

considered trash in past

We all know, humans were racist. Even here in India, during the British rule, Indians with the darkly tanned body were treated like poor. Also, in many other countries, tanned body implies that you have worked in a field and again you are poor.

But with the changing time, now getting tan reflects your wealth and style.

4. Colour red on women

considered trash in past

I know you get hard when you see your woman in red. But in early time, women were prohibited to wear red dress or use rouge makeup. As it was considered as the color of prostitutes. Even in Kamasutra, the color red is associated with prostitutes.

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Luckily, people realized that a woman in red does look very beautiful.

5. Gin was for poor

considered trash in past

Yes, it is cheap and yes it requires less time to distill but it was considered as the drink of poor people. Luckily, people realized that it is not just for poor people and started to enjoy Gin. Now, it is considered as the go-to drink for hipsters and sophisticated people alike.

So now if you drink gin, you will be considered as a sophisticated person and not trash.

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6. Muscular body and gym

considered trash in past

In many older books like Pride and Prejudice, the male characters were not described as bulky with big muscular frame. At that time, the muscular body was only associated with labor class people. Though, there were few rich people who liked to go against the odds and work on their physique.

Thankfully, time changed. Because if you were born in that time, your big biceps wouldn’t have attracted any girls.

7. Being Skinny

considered trash in past

During the 80’s, being skinny means you are not getting enough to eat or maybe you are poor. If you are skinny, they won’t believe you have wealth and class. But with changing time, people got to know the drawbacks of being overweight.

Skinny is new sexy now, but don’t body shame others who are not skinny like you.

8. Oysters

considered trash in past

In the 1700s, there was a time when Oysters were very cheap in New York. You could just walk down the shore and pick those oysters to eat. It wasn’t considered as the food of the poor instead it was one of those time when poor and rich used to eat the same thing.

But now, you’ll only find oysters in the plate of rich people.

In Conclusion:

Don’t worry, if people make fun of you, call you trash or something else. Just remember time changes and what calls trash today, might become a tressure tomorrow.

Because clearly, time has the power to transform something trashy to classy! 

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