Travelling Abroad? First Check COVID Status of These Countries

Finally, we can say- ‘COVID virus has no plans to leave the world soon’. We do not have enough of what it takes to get rid of this ugly disease entirely. This virus is creating its different variants while mutating itself to acquire immunity, and evolving rapidly. For the last few months with highly low to no cases at all, we were thinking that the pandemic was finally over. However, from the land of China, several headlines are informing about a new COVID-19 wave surging at a tremendous rate. Now the Countries are boosting the COVID testing pace and have started imposing restrictions at a serious level. So, if you are to travel abroad then you will need to know about the COVID status of different countries.

Check COVID Status of These Countries

List of Countries and Their Present COVID-19 Status


Amid this re-occurred pandemic phase, Japan is seeing 2 lakh COVID-19 cases every day. Since August 25, this is the first time the Country has seen such a surge in COVID cases. So, traveling to Japan might not be the best idea at the moment.

United States

The United States is currently facing a serious and sudden COVID surge of 15 lakh cases in the last 28 days, as per reports. So, if we go by reports, the US has recorded over 100 million cases since 2020 when COVID introduced itself to the Country.

South Korea

As per reports, yesterday, South Korea reported more than 68 thousand COVID cases in a day, out of which 95 percent are from overseas. We can conclude that the cases are growing at a steady pace.


China is the country that is most adversely affected by the new most serious COVID-19 wave. Specifically, elders are in major trouble as this virus is affecting humans having low immunity. Back in 2019, this country was the origin of the COVID-19 virus was highly overblown by its wrath, and once again it is suffering from the same circumstances.


Brazil started registering elevated numbers of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks. Though the information about the current dominating sub-variant is unknown, the imposed restrictions are very serious.


Since the past few days, as per the reports, Germany has witnessed around 48 thousand covid cases. So, this country is also one of many where one should think twice before traveling to, now.

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As of now, France is on the list of countries facing serious COVID surge effects, with more than 10 lakh cases being recorded in the past 28 days. Moreover, the growth rate is worse, everyday cases are increasing at a rapid pace. So, currently, avoid traveling to this nation if possible.

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