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This Is What You Should Do If You Find Someone Littering

Littering is a common habit in India.

Although it is existent in other places also, India has the top score in littering game so far. People want their houses clean and surroundings flawless but they seldom care the same way about the streets and roads.

Throwing garbage out of the car is the easiest way of getting rid of wrappers, left-over food, plastic bottles and even your trash.

You worry about your car being dirty but once the garbage is dumped out on the road, your car is clean, the litter is left behind, never to bother you again.

All is hunky-dory and you go back home, leaving the waste on the streets. It is easily done in India, no one points a finger at you, no one reprimands you for being a litterbug and no laws can stop you from accessing your right of strewing the public property.

littering outside car

Must all bad habits need a law to be banned? I guess in India it does.

What this biker did, is the way to go, folks!!

biker reacts at littering by car driver

But the same is not possible in Beijing. So, this car driver rolls down his window and throws his trash out at a traffic signal. But, to teach him a lesson and in retribution, this female biker picks up the trash and throws it back in the car.

You can imagine the kind of shame the litterer must have felt at being treated like he treated the roads.

Why not do the same in India?

What if you teach such litterers a lesson of the lifetime? I am sure the public shaming will bring them to their senses. And if it is done repeatedly by everyone who sees someone lettering, the impact would be on a larger scale.

People will eventually stop dumping their trash out for the sake of being reproached. It is human psyche to look like a law-abiding citizen and most of this unwanted littering is done when people think no one is paying attention to them.

So, the easiest way is to start paying attention and the moment someone is seen doing this, just give it back to them, along with their trash.

Let’s not depend and wait for the laws to bring everyone in line, let’s be more pro-active, more attentive and be quick about it.


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