Trending Career Options That You Can Pick To Unleash Your Creativity

Time has changed. We millennials, who are referred to as lazy people have found our own path to become successful.

Although most of our parents still want us to be the cliched doctors or engineers, we think, if everyone becomes an engineer or doctor, who will do all the other jobs?
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So, like me, if you too are finding it hard to pick a career, check out our list.

And no, we are not covering all those conventional trending careers. Instead, we are going to tell you about new and emerging career options that will help you turn your world of imagination into reality.

So, read our list of trending career options and take your pick.


Trending Career Options

If you love studying history and are fascinated with museums and artifacts, you’ll be glad to know that you can pursue your career in the same direction. Museology of Museum studies is the field where you get the chance to work with collections and exhibits. Also, you get to see some unique stuff and learn about different cultures.

If you want to earn by following your passion for museums, becoming a museologist will definitely help you.


Trending Career Options

As its name suggests, Digital marketing is the use of digital channel for marketing. Everyone knows what it is because of the demand for people with high digital marketing skills. It is predicted by 2020 there will be 150,000 jobs available for digital marketers. Unfortunately, there won’t be enough digital professionals to take the job.

You see, it’s a big market. So, why not?  You can even try your hand at blogging, youtubing and content creation.


Trending Career Options

If you were always the fittest kid in your school and you follow the passion of living a healthy life and maintaining a good body, this one is for you. Choose to be a nutritionist and you’ll get the opportunity to earn your living by helping others. Being a nutritionist means you get to guide others so that they achieve their health goals.

Not just this, a degree of Nutritionist opens up many other job options as well, such as food manufacturers, retail businesses, a dietitian or food journalist.

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Trending Career Options

Being a graphics designer means, you are responsible for designing content for products and other things related to digital media and prints. The most significant advantage of becoming a graphic designer is that you have the freedom to express your imagination. Also, there are enough opportunities available with a stable income.

If you want to explore your creativity, definitely consider this as your career.


Trending Career Options

I don’t think I need to tell you what you can do with your video editing degree. To begin with, you get the opportunities to surround yourself with the creative people all the time. You also have the opportunity to explore your own creativity and not to mention more than average pay.

Furthermore, you can opt to work from home or your own comfort. Interested?

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Trending Career Options

The fashion of turning paper documents into online format has become a market trend. Which is why there’s a lot of demand for Data specialist in the market now. If you think you can do the work of converting paper into digital and checking the source of all the information, you should start your career as a Data specialist.

And yeah, work from home applies for this one too.


Trending Career Options

Take a moment and look around. You’ll notice that right from finding out latest events to collecting daily dose of funny viral video, we rely on digital media that mostly includes websites. This raises the demand of web developers in the market. Certainly, it requires skill to become a web developer, but it’s not rocket science.

In fact, most of web dev’s are self-taught and earning quite handsomely.


Trending Career Options

After watching successful and controversial shows of some of the most popular Stand-up comics like A.I.B., Kannan Gill and everyone’s favorite Sakth Launda (Zakhir Khan) our youth has also decided to follow what their heart wants. And nothing could be better than making people laugh, right?

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Luckily this has been working out well for most of them and one can get stable income with stand-up comedy as their profession.


Trending Career Options

If you think your voice can convince anyone, and you have got all the skills of a leader, certainly this one is for you. You don’t have to do any over-work and whatever you’ll earn will be more than average. Being a motivational speaker is certainly not a child’s play. That’s why there are more than enough opportunities available.

The only catch is – your voice should have the convincing power.

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Trending Career Options

This is just like digital marketing. But instead of identifying target audience on social media, an influencer marketer has to find people who have a good influence over others. By strategizing marketing plans around these influencers, the marketers help a brand to spread their message in front of their target audience.

All the social media celebs are Influencers, if you watch YouTube you must have heard of Case Neistat, he is an Influencer.

In Conclusion:

Finally, our youth is getting enough opportunities to chase their dreams in their own way. These careers will also make you feel like you are your own boss. As people will expect you to come up with unique ideas to serve the purpose. You can choose to explore the boundaries that no ones has ever done before.

So, take your pick and tell the world, if you are not a doctor or an engineer, you are not worthless!

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