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11 Trending Careers In India With Amazing Opportunities

Does the question ”Bade Hoke Kya Banoge” bothers you all the time?

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All The Relatives Want To Know Your Career Goals?

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This is the story of every individual. Because of the family pressure and the current competition in the market, we get confused with the opportunities we should grab and what we opt for in the end.

Let me take off that bulk from your head and give you an idea of some really interesting career choices based on your preferences.  If you want to hold the steering of your life then this article is for you.

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online marketing

If you are one of those who want to explore their creative minds in their mundane job routine with a good pay cheque, then this is your deal. It is one of the most growing career option you can choose from and the most versatile platform to start off your career with. India is becoming digital savvy with every passing day. Even kids are now engaging with apps like YouTube. In the near future, we are expecting to see a double fold rise of internet users in rural areas of India. Thus, it will become mandatory for every company to hire a team of digital marketers to stay alive in this fierce environment. Hence, you can count on this field to gain competitive market skills and a better future. According to Glassdoor.com the average pay for the entry level position is 366,286 per year.


business analysis

With a decent communication and analytical skills one can hop into a business analyst profile. A good business mind and great leadership skills is a great combination for this particular field. Analytics has now become a part of every company’s strategy to gain sustainable competitive advantage. A skilled and trained business analyst will take up the challenge of managing data, analyzing it and generating business insights from it in a short span of time. For the initial period in this particular field, the package is INR 4.8 lakhs per year. However, experience actually influences pay package for this job. Professionals with decent experience earns an average INR 12.6 lakhs per year.


bank money investment

As the name suggests, an investment banker is basically responsible for raising capitals for entities, companies or government. You must possess a good persuading and analytical skills. Investment Banker is generally nicknamed as money man of organization. Thus, need to be good in playing with numbers. This career is basically for someone who takes up challenges to learn and perform. Talking about the monetary gains, According to Glassdoor, the average salary of investment banking analyst in India is INR 902,800 per annum. According to Payscale.com, the average salary of Associate – Investment Banking is INR 782,988.


landscape architect

This field itself is one of the most creative and at the same time challenging too. It is also innovative and elegant career option. Some of the skills of an L.A. include urban planning, site planning, environment planning, real estate planning, etc. One can involve in both private and government projects under this field. There are some top colleges offering particularly architectural designing courses. Though, you can also apply in foreign universities for further degrees and knowledge in this field. Interestingly, the pay scale is also very satisfying even for the initial profiles. As per payscale.com the average pay for a Landscape Architect is Rs 464,695 per year along with some other perks. Most people also move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years’ experience in this field.

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typing on a keyboard

The most captivating thing about this field is that you don’t have to follow a fixed path to get into this career. A sound knowledge in technology and decent writing skills will work great. Though, big firms generally prefer candidates with technical or communication background. However, one can initiate with pro-bono work and freelancing projects. Thus, creating a portfolio of your own and eventually bagging big projects. A technical writer is generally responsible for writing journals, articles, manuals, training guides and assessments. With this profile you can not only earn from a job but can also get many big freelancing work. As per (BLS) Bureau of labor statistics the employment for this will increase by 10% before 2024. The average pay for a Technical Writer is ₹ 466,967 per year according to payscale.com.


colors multimedia artist

If designing skills and computer knowledge interests you, here is another most artistic field you can explore. All this require a good understanding of color, texture, light and time management skills. Candidates having a bachelor’s degree in animation and graphics gets more advantage when applying for big firms. As a full time employee you will be required to work with a team in a well-established firm or as a complete art director for a startup. With the polished skills and experience this field also allows grabbing great freelancing projects and earning a great pay cheque.  As per Payscale.com the average pay for an Animator is ₹ 353,173 per year with other perks and incentives.


market research

This field will judge you on your interpersonal and analytical skills. Once you get into this field all you should possess is good market knowledge and a complete business awareness. Market research is a component of Business strategy. Thus, with this profile you will be responsible to conduct researches for your business through different techniques, identifying and analyzing the market and creating the reports eventually. Through market research business basically studies the consumer and how to to develop the business plan accordingly. The initial profile titled as ‘market research analyst’ is paid around ₹4, 70, 000 in India as per Glassdoor.com.


gamer and game developer

It is one of the most alluring career especially for the game lovers. They work with the team of other designers. The core responsibility of this profile is developing base or engine on which the game will operate. Moreover they also work on designing game concept, characters, stories and much more. A decent visual and artistic skills works well for this profile. After passing senior secondary, one can enroll in game designing and development, computer science or computer programming for entering into the field. Some big firms asks for a bachelors degree for this particular job profile. In India, the initial salaries are around ₹ 4 lakh per annum for programmer’s ₹ 3 lakh for graphic artists and game developers.


strawberries diet

If your interest lies in food but you are also very health conscious. Then you can gain some professional skills through this career which can help you in improving lives. A dietitian is a person who carry a decent knowledge of scientific aspects of food and work on the subjects such as human nutrition, diet therapy etc. To become a professional dietitian you have to earn a bachelors degree in dietetics (study of nutrition) along with a proven internship with a well-recognized firm. Excellent interpersonal skills, positive attitude, tact to deal with sensitive issues are some of the skills essential to work in this field. As per careers 360, a fresher can earn between ₹ 15,000 to 20,000 per month. https://bit.ly/2IbGICb



Listening, speaking, reading and writing, these are the four basic essentials through which one can learn a new language and explore the career of translator and interpreter. This particular job profile is responsible for converting messages or text from one into another language. The basic difference is that where an interpreter communicates the message orally, translator provides it in a text form. You can apply for both government and private sector as they frequently hire for these. According to Payscale.com the average salary for translators and interpreters is ₹ 402,092 per year. Though experience strongly influences the salary for this job, people generally don’t have more than 10 years of experience.


advertising and marketing

If working in Elegant offices, sipping coffee and exploring ideas is what fascinates you. Then you are made for this career. Though there is a lot to do in this industry. People are required to be highly organized, creative and energetic. As the main objective of the industry is to create awareness and develop interest of people in the brand. The professionals demanded for this field are required to be well educated in the particular area of the industry from a well-known institution. All the subjects of this course compliments each other very well. This industry provide a wide career opportunity. With a decent experience, you can grab hefty packages with excellent job profile. A Public Relations (PR) Manager earns an average salary of ₹ 484,604 per year as per Payscale.com stats.

Career selection is one of the most difficult thing now a days as there are countless opportunities to choose from. Personally, I believe that you should analyze your own strengths and interests initially and then choose the career accordingly. So, go ahead and grab the best for you.

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