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26 Trippy Websites That Will Take Your High To The Next Level

Stoned? Drunk? Feeling tipsy?

One of the best feelings in the world is when you are high, right? ( or at least that’s what people say)

Whatever you do whilst you are high is so mesmerizing that people end up staring at Christmas lights for hours. Keeping the same enthusiasm of tripping up above and high, here are some websites that can take your trip to another level.

Just bookmark this article for your next drinking session to do something different this time. Explore these websites with your friends and they will always remember this time spent with you!

trippy websites

1. My Windows Is Falling

trippy websites

One minute of these falling colorful windows will be enough to give you some sense of hallucination.

2. Colours and Dogs

trippy websites

Hypnotic. A continuous loop of dogs running and a background music will just fill your mouth with colors.

3. A Little Bit More

trippy website

All you’d want to do is explore a bit more.

4. After I Am Done, Then What?

trippy websites

A test only made for you to prove that you are effing impeccable even when drunk. Try this and you will know what I mean!

5. Some Trance and Windows Media Player

trippy websites

Remember that Windows Media Player and its crazy visualizations. Guess, I have something better.

6. Lol, This Is Doing The Right Job

trippy websites

Test you patience with this ever revolving desktop!

7. Stop It Right Now!!

trippy websites

Does this remind you of the movie ‘Mirrors’

8. This is Nebula!

trippy website

If you want to explore your creativity. This website will boost your creativity even further.

9. Don’t be firm

trippy websites

I have absolutely no reason why this is so addictive.

10. A Sky Full Of

trippy website

Put some music and thats it! Just keep watching.

11. I Wasn’t Ready For This

trippy website

Use your cursor carefully!

12. Fo Yo Shizzle Ma Whizzle

trippy website

If you are into hip-hop and shizz, this Gizoogle will covert any Wikipedia read into hip-hop lingo!

13. I Never Knew Polygons Can Be So Trippy

trippy website

If you love tripping on colors and patterns, this is the real deal. You head will go for spin. Enter at own risk.

14. A journey to the abyss

trippy website

If ya’ll into matrix shit, this dope website will make you go crazy. For sure. 

15. This nothing is actually something

trippy website

This website takes you on a journey, and trust me its the trippiest journey you can control with your keyboard keys. 

16. Way to go, Dude!

trippy websites

Well, well. This is a website that you will never wanna leave. Its one of the most real-life experiences you will have in a virtual world. Confused? Check out yourself.

17. Get ready for some trance experience

Trippy websites

This awesome website lets you play with particles, shapes, shows you textures and ripples and mirages. Should I go on? Coz there’s much more. 

18. Wanna see how wind flows all over the world!

trippy websites

This sexy website shows you the wind movement all across the globe. Play with your mouse and go windy.

19. Here, have some fun with gravity !

trippy websites

This website stimulates and lets you play with gravity points. It kinda explains how the gravitational field works, in the most fun way. I must say.

20. Take your mind on a ride

trippy websites

Easy to say, this has a lot of things which your brain will just fall in love with. Illusions, brain teasers, view of earth. You got it all and much more. 

21. Melting was never this trippy before

trippy websites

Copy paste any URL and watch it melt away. Or just press go and it will automatically choose a gif and it will melt before your eyes in the trippiest way. 

22. Cosmic ride? Interested?

trippy websites

Just go on this website, light that blunt and you are sorted. It will take on a cosmic ride you will always remember. 

23. Play with patterns and lose your mind

trippy websites

One out of many illustartions that move and twist and turn with your mouse. Have fun with this one.

24. Explore your creativity with the trippy piano music

Music is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore your inner-self. With the help of this trippy website, you can relax and be creative at the same time.


25. Lost in the gradient forest and just relax

Nothing looks better than flashy images of forest and calming music. Try it yourself.

26. Don’t just feel but also make something cosmic

Play with the neon flames and draw something creative. Who knows maybe you figure out life this way. 


In Conclusion:

I bet you are already pulled down in some other dimension and are wondering why didn’t you come across these ultimate fun websites before. Well, you are looking at the world through a keyhole my friend. And there is so much more to see, that will make your brains explode. But, take it one step at a time. Just saying.

Have you come across any other website as weird as these? Do share with us in the comments section!!

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