Truecaller Makes It Easier To Recognise Verified Businesses With Different Visual Indicators

‘Truecaller’ now allows businesses to verify their identity with its new brand identity solutions. This feature is aimed to counteract fraud and scams calls. However, Truecaller is now beta testing this feature and will be available globally on Android as well as iOS.

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At present, Truecaller alerts its user about the span and/ or fraud calls through its caller IDs database. But with the launch of this new feature, it will be quite easy for users to know if they are getting calls from a verified business or not.

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Distinct Visual Differentiators

In this feature, Truecaller will have 5 different visual differentiators for verified businesses. The green background is one of the most amazing changes you will be seen for the verified business. Additionally, there are several other features including brand logo, brand name, verified icon, etc. Also, now the users cannot edit a name once a verified business set their name.

Moreover, Truecaller will show the verified icon batch for the brand’s name. Apart from this, it will display “VERIFIED BUSINESS” under the brand name. All these visual indicators attract the user’s eye which can play an important role in identifying spam and fraud calls.

Truecaller has announced that more than 150 businesses have signed up for this program during the early access process. In regards to this, the Director of Product at Dunzo, Brijesh Bharadwaj, said that “With Truecaller Business Identity, our delivery partners have seen an 11% improvement in phone calls getting picked up by our customers during order fulfilment, thus helping optimize our process and saving time during each delivery.”

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