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Stop Blaming Monday Guys! It’s Tuesday That Is Getting On Your Nerves After Every Weekend (Research)

You would be surprised to know this fact! Read on…

Working 5 days a week makes Jake a dull boy. I am sure you would agree. We start counting days and wait for the weekend to arrive soon. It’s, of course, the Saturdays and Sundays that bring us alive from our deadly schedule.
tuesday blues

As if this wasn’t enough, some poor creatures continue to endure this torture on Saturdays too. What a pity? It leaves them with just one day to get off the hook. Most of us, like me, cannot fathom the idea of working for six days a week, the sleeplessness might drill a hole in our brains.

As a matter of fact, we love weekends but hate the day that ends our fun ride to la la land. There is no doubt that Saturdays are the best, you can do whatever you want on a Saturday night since you can sleep till noon the next day.

What follows the Sunday is what gives us the jitters. On the eve of Sunday only we begin getting the Monday blues.

That’s how terrifying Monday sounds. Right?

Let’s have a different take on it. Do you know that researches beg to differ?

A survey was conducted to find out which is the most horrible day of the week, and people were asked to let their feelings out. You would be blown away by the findings of this survey.

Guys, it’s not Monday but Tuesday.

You got it right! It’s Tuesday which is considered as the most burdensome day of the week. Now you would ask me why?

So here I have some solid reasons to prove why Monday is pretty good and its actually Tuesday blues.

 1. Monday goes on smoothly

Monday blues

Ok, Just think about it. Monday goes slightly better since we are still hungover with all the fun we had during the weekend whereas by Tuesday, that movie you watched or that long drive you took, begins to fade from our memory and work pressure begins to take its place.

Sounds about it, isn’t it?

 2. Monday keeps you happy all day

Monday blues

That sounds weird to you, isn’t it? And the blue tint isn’t helping that feeling any. But that’s a fact.

Not convinced?

Well, what is the first thing you do in the morning after you wake up? I’ll tell you. You walk down the memory lane and think about the dancing beats, the beer, the music and the pictures you have clicked on the previous day and it quickly freshens you up.

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Whereas Tuesday makes you realize that you still have to drag down your ass for next three day.

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3. Daydream about the gone weekend

Monday blues

On Monday, the weekend still has a huge influence on your mind. The feeling of being free keeps you happy and you spend most of the daydreaming about the weekend gone. You relive the party you had or the outing you so looked forward to or relished your favorite food.

Most of your Monday goes blabbering and boasting to your colleagues about what an awesome weekend you had. Don’t fret, I won’t tell your boss.

4. Your Boss is in a good mood too

tuesday blues

He, like you, would be in a great mood too. And what happens when the boss is happy? Another office lunch from the Pizza Hut or maybe not. But it would certainly take a load off of your head. Cut him a slack, even he is reliving his weekend like you.

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5. Mondays are full of excuses

Monday blues

On Monday, you have the option of hiding behind some excuses like you ate too much, and now you don’t feel too good or got late while coming back from your hometown, so reached office late. Don’t even think of applying these tricks on Tuesdays though, unless Monday was an off.

In Conclusion:

I hope my arguments have enlightened you about poor old Monday and made him a little less scary. And the real culprit of our blues stands to be this bugger Tuesday who hides behind the shadow of the first day of the working week.

So guys, what do you think? Still feel like Monday is the culprit, or have you changed your opinion?

Monday or Tuesday? Let us know what you think.*winks*


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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