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This Turkish Pilot’s Sweet Gesture Towards His School Teacher Will Make You Cry

Do you love flying? I mean by an airplane. (lol)

Of course, most of us love flying but hate to witness the monotonous crowd, the boring safety demonstrations by the flight attendants and what not. But what happened recently on a Turkish flight made every single passenger nostalgic and all teary eyed.

So, what happened on that flight?

When a Turkish pilot came to know that his school teacher is on board, he did something that we used to do as kids, usually on Teacher’s day. He showed gratitude and respect towards the man who had a huge hand in shaping his future. He was the same teacher who had nurtured and guided him to become what he is today.

So, he thought of doing something really sweet. The pilot began by announcing that his teacher is on board.

Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

As soon as the teacher heard the announcement, his heart was filled with love for his student who still remembered him.

Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

Before he could react further, the entire cabin crew walked up to him with a bouquet of flowers.

Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

The teacher, who is an old man now was overwhelmed with the sense of gratitude.

Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

The crew kissed his hands out of respect and then made way for their pilot to greet his school teacher.

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Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

The Turkish pilot approached the teacher and kissed his hands. The old man, obviously never expected that he would have such an emotional experience on his flight.

Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

He hugged his student and the entire scenario was recorded by a journalist, who later posted in on the social media platform.

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The entire flight got emotional and why not.

Turkish pilot's gesture for his teacher

After all, it’s not that every day you get to see the sense of gratitude being displayed with such respect.

Watch the beautiful video here:

In Conclusion:

It’s because of such heartwarming incidents that take places, people still believe in humanity. The teacher must have taught the pilot decades ago, but a small gesture of gratitude gave him happiness. As well as a sense, that his good work paid off.

Moreover, the Turkish pilot proved that our life is shaped by our school teachers and if we get lucky enough to cross paths with any of our old teachers, we should thank them with all our heart and respect them.

Because that’s going to stay in the hearts of people forever. Just like this story is going to be in the hearts of all the passengers on that flight.
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