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Turtles Having Fun Playing Takeshi’s Castle, Video Viral

Animals have their own way to please themselves, sometimes they fight and sometimes they just play amusing games. But one thing is sure that every time they do so their videos go viral. Well, it is a fact that animals like to challenge each other in their own weird games. However, this time they have left behind even humans to enjoy games like we see on Takeshi’s castle show.

Turtles Having Fun

Group Of Turtles Having Fun

Recently a video has caught a lot of attention online where the group of turtles are seen playing a balancing game just like one of the games once were played on the Tv show called Takeshi’s Castle that we used to watch. The video has garnered 5.4 million views after getting posted by a user named Buitengebieden on Twitter.

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A Game Of Balance

In the video you can see turtles trying to balance the wooden log while being thrown into the water. And the most amusing thing is that the log is just acting like it has been installed especially for this game, rolling back and forth.

However in this 30 second video the game started with seven turtles but at last only three remained after that the video ended and no winner could be decided.

Twitter users were very amused, a user wrote,”As the log seems so imbalanced, it makes me wonder how the turtles got on the log in the first place.

Another said, “Turtle love”.

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