Twitter Blue: Read about the Features and Price

Launched on Monday, Twitter Blue comes packed with a whole new set of features and badges that verifies various Twitter accounts. This subscription-based service can be purchased from the website or iOS which offers a plethora of features which shall be explained in more detail in this article.

However, there is one thing that you must know: Twitter Blue’s subscription service does not mean an ad-free experience. However, Twitter promises to cut down the number of ads by half in comparison to the non-paying members.

Twitter Blue has launched multi-coloured badges to verify its multiple accounts so you will get a ‘Blue’ checkmark for the verified users. There will be a ‘Gold’ check mark for Business Accounts on Twitter. Also, the company is planning to introduce a ‘Grey’ checkmark for the Twitter handles owned by the Government.

Twitter Blue: Read about the Features and Price

Twitter Blue Features

In addition to all these checkmarks, Twitter Blue has multiple other features which shall be available for the users who will buy the subscription:

1. Bookmark Folders

The new launch lets the subscribers sort their Tweets into well-organised folders where they can be accessed easily. The best part about this feature is that the subscribers can create an unlimited number of bookmarks and folders. Also, all these files and folders are completely private.

2. Custom App Icons

Although not a very useful feature, it can help you find Twitter on your mobile phone with a single glance. With Custom App Icons, users can change the appearance of their Twitter app icon from the multiple available options. The good news is that Twitter is expected to add more looks on a limited basis.

3. Custom Navigation

Custom Navigation allows the users to pick some items like content or destinations they are inclined towards to appear in the navigation bar. It will provide quick access to the content the subscriber cares about most. Two to six items can be added to the bottom navigation bar which can also be restored to default if needed.

4. Top Articles

Top Articles shall feature all the most shared articles by the people. These people are none other than the ones the user follows which will ensure that the user easily finds the stuff he or she would want to read.

5. Reader

The Reader feature is for the people who read a lot of things on Twitter because it allows users to read threads without the extra noise as it converts long threads into conveniently readable format. It will also offer the users the chance to change the text size and do more with it. It can be easily accessed by the user by tapping on the reader icon placed at the top of the thread.

6. Undo Tweet

Have you posted stuff that landed you straight in the world of Trollerland? I can’t say for you but many celebrities have done this. Now Twitter will be giving such hasty users a chance to retract their Tweets before the rest of the world can set its eyes on the post. Once the Tweet is posted on the platform, it will offer an Undo Period to the user during which he or she can retract the post. Once this time is over, the user can simply keep or delete the post just like the normal Twitter.


In the US, Elon Musk set a price of $7.99 for Twitter Blue which was later revised to make $8 for the subscribers who would purchase it from the website. However, if a user is buying it from the iOS or Apple App Store, then the same deal will cost $11 though the benefits will be the same in both cases.


In this article, we learnt about Twitter Blue launched by Elon Musk on Monday. Although there are multiple fresh features available in Twitter Blue, you will still have to suffer the torture of ads even after paying so much money. That aside, the newly introduced features will make your experience better than using regular Twitter.

If you happen to purchase this exclusive service by Twitter called Twitter Blue, then we would surely love to read about your experience. Make sure to drop your valuable comments in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to share this article with people who care about Twitter Blue.

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