Two Most Used Features: WhatsApp Group Vs Broadcasting

WhatsApp, a meta owned instant messaging app, has 2 billion active users across the globe. It is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, which has now become irreplaceable. Users are not only involved in personal chats but also giant businesses organisations use WhatsApp to communicate and transfer information. The most crucial and complex feature of this app is its end-to-end encryption. With this facility, WhatsApp claims that even they cannot view the chats of their users. Such high privacy & frequent communication features attract the users towards this app.

Features Of WhatsApp

Features Of WhatsApp

This instant messaging app provides numerous features to its users to make their communication more expressive and interactive. You all are familiar with the facilities that this instant messaging app provides. But there are still some users among us, who do not have a clear understanding of some facilities. We have refined our search and found out about the two most used features of WhatsApp that are still not clear among a few users.

Those two attributes are WhatsApp Broadcast Vs WhatsApp Group

Those two attributes are WhatsApp Broadcast Vs WhatsApp Group

Often users confuse the Broadcast facility with the WhatsApp Group feature. They think that they have a functioning method. Both groups messaging and Broadcasting through WhatsApp means that you can send messages to multiple users at once. But there are some differences when it comes to overall usage.

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So, What Are The Actual Differences?

So, What Are The Actual Differences?

Here are the key differences between them:

  • Through the WhatsApp’s group feature, you can send messages to the users who are not on your contact list. But with Broadcasting, you cannot.
  • Users can still receive your messages in groups even if they have blocked you. But that’s not the case in broadcasting.
  • In group chatting replies can be read by all the members, but in broadcasting, replies come separately.
  • You can perform video calling and voice calling in groups with multiple members, but not in broadcast messaging.
  • All the group members can see each other’s basic information, but not in the broadcast list they cannot.

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