15 Types Of Ladies Found In Kitty Parties. Which One Is Most Prominent In Your Group?

Organizing kitty parties are a fun way to meet and treat with your buddies once in a month. A lot of us eagerly wait for the kitty day to arrive so we can play games, chat non-stop, eat heartily and flaunt our latest acquired belongings.

Whenever I join a kitty, the first thing I observe is how everyone is so different and have their own agendas in mind. They all want to talk at the same time and do not listen to others. Actually, it won’t be an exaggeration to say, that no one is listening to anyone else, but just blabbering about themselves.

It’s all about you in a kitty.

To mull over this fact, I have jotted down the type of ladies you find in a kitty party, read and relate girls:

1. I am the leader of the group

maleficent walking

This one thinks the group exists because of her. She is the sole proprietor of the group and her word should be final. She decides the dress code, the rules of the game and whether drinks should be allowed or not. Basically, she a tyrant who would smother you if you so much as lift a finger in oppose.

2. How do I look

A well-decked up pretty one with all the latest makeup tips to shove in your face, this fashionista will not lag behind if it was a competition for a beauty pageant instead.

3. Let’s see what’s there to eat

There is this another kind, who has nothing to do with what is happening, who won the next lottery, or what are others gossiping about. She is just there to binge-eat all she can for free.

Don’t be surprised if she packs some for home at your expense.

4. The gym lady


The girl with tight abs and toned legs, having only salad, brought her own energy drink and would say no to anything oily, or carb, or sugar or …is there anything left?

She would bask in the glory of your appreciations and offer you tips without even asking.

5. One who doesn’t like any food no matter how expensive.

Her taste buds have bid her goodbye. She is so bored of eating all this old-skool food, she wants to find something that doesn’t even exist. The waiter is occupied with her all the time, while she is telling him how to cook alu-tikki French style.

6. One who is always looking for a glass or two of wine

The famous bewdi, who supposedly can’t think beyond wine. She will only come to your party if you have a couple of bottles handy.

Apparently, she has nothing to do with playing tambola or eating fatty food.

7. The one flaunting new branded bags, clothes, accessories

She brings a new Gucchi or Fendi every time there is a kitty. All she would ever talk about is accessories, brands, sale, malls and shopping in typical South-Delhi tone.

8. The one who always packing more food for kids and husband


She hates to cook and takes this as her day off of cooking meals for the family and would pack everything she had for kids and husband. On your expense, of course.

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9. My kids’ smartest

woman arguing

She is infatuated with her own kids. They are super in studies, they play all the games in the world, they cook, they clean, they are so well-behaved, is all she would go on and on about.

10. Obsessed with winning all the money in tambola

winning roulette

She takes tambola as the game of life or death. If she wins, she begins to dance in the restaurant itself, and God help you if she loses, she might even accuse you of cheating and changing the numbers.

11. The loud one

loud mouthed

This one has a loudspeaker fitted inside her vocal cord. Whatever she says, is many decibels above the notch you are used to hearing.

This one is often given the task of shouting numbers in the game.

12. The quiet one

quietly having dessert and liquor

A stark opposite of the previous lady, this shy tomato will not even utter a ‘yes’ if she wins while playing. You would strain to hear her meek voice and have to probably go near her every time she tries to say something.

13. The one with a small kid, who leaves them be

fed up of child

Who comes to an all ladies party with a one-year-old? This one, of course. And then she would treat this as her holiday hour and leave her kid in the care of one of you while she enjoys the treats.

14. The gossip monger

women gossiping

The spiciest gossips of the town can be heard flying out of her ominous mouth. And while doing so, she won’t leave any juicy details unearthed.

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15. The one always shouting at the waiter

scarlett as waitress

This one has a problem with everything, the food, the ambience, the dress code, and even the chairs in the restaurant.

The only thing she doesn’t have a problem with is herself… probably… wait, let me think…not sure.

16. The one who can’t live without the dessert.

hot woman eating dessert

She is waiting for everyone to finish off, so she can remind you to order some sweet treats. “Meethe ke bina khana kahan pachta hai dear.” Even if her stomach is ready to blast she can’t resist the ice-creams and rasgullas.

In Conclusion:

Kitty can be a fun place to be with all these entertainers to keep us humored. With lots of food and gossip, who knows you might end up finding some life-long friends too.


Well, you gotta go to a kitty in order to find that out.

If you know of any other variety of kitty aunts who interest you and are the entertainers of the party, do let us know.

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