15 Types of Cat Breeds in India: Explore the Fascinating World Of Feline Family

People frequently have strong feelings when they see different types of cats. Some people find them interesting, while others think they are disgusting animals. There is no doubt that cats make wonderful pets despite the mixed attitudes people have towards them. The Siamese, the Maine Coon, and the Persian are a few of the most popular cat breeds. These felines are renowned for their distinct personalities, stunning coats, and affectionate personalities.

Without any question, cats make for the best friend because they are intelligent, obedient, and loving. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular cat breeds in India in case you’re considering adopting a cat. The cats we have mentioned below are suited to the climatic conditions of India.

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Types Of Cats For Pets

Below is the list of cat breeds available in India

1. Persian Cats

Persian Cats

The Persian cat breed is one of the famous cat breeds and may impress everyone with its stunning looks. They have sparkling eyes and beautiful white hair. In India, the demand for this breed is rapidly growing up. They need the owner’s care and adequate grooming because they are picky. The most suitable cat breeds for cuddling are possibly Persians. A Persian cat often costs between ₹ 15,000 and ₹ 20,000 in India. Persian cats have a 12 to 15-year lifespan. 

2. Indian Native Cats

Indian Native Cats

These cats are the popular cat breeds in India. They are beautiful, energetic, and well-adjusted to the Indian environment. They are also extremely loving. Indian Native Cats maintain themselves with their tongue and live long lives with little attention. You won’t have to be concerned about shedding because of their short coat. The Indian native cat’s cost starts from ₹5000. Indian native cats have a 20-year lifespan. 

3. Munchkin Cats

Munchkin Cats

The Munchkin cat breed is a relatively new kind of cat breed in India. Because of its exceptionally small legs, which are the result of an inheritance problem, it is considered the first form of a dwarf cat. In India, Munchkin cats go for almost ₹25,000 each. Munchkin cats have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years.

4. Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cats are also known as colourpoint Persian cats. These are some of India’s most beautiful cat breeds, with fluffy coats and blue eyes. The majority of their coat is white, however, there are some hue variations. Himalayan cats cost ₹10000 to ₹20000 in India. Himalayan cats have a lifespan of around 9 to 15 years.

5. Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold Cats

The famous Scottish fold cat breed might be easily recognizable to you. Their huge eyes and folded ears, which gave them their name, give them a distinct look. Scottish folds are a medium-sized (9–13 pound) breed that remain loyal to their owners. They live on human attention and are not disturbed by loud noises, making them an excellent choice for urban environments. The price of Scottish fold cats in India is around ₹50000. Scottish fold cats can live up to 10-15 years.

6. Mumbai Cats

Mumbai Cats

These cats are dark in colour, like the black panther. The Bombay cats have black fur, huge, long body, and golden eyes. They are particularly intelligent, energetic, and active. They have a talent for picking up new skills. Mumbai Cats make excellent apartment cats. India charges between ₹1000 and  ₹15,000 for a Bombay cat. Bombay cats have a 15–17 year lifespan. 

7. Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat, which is noted for its attacking look as well as its energetic attitude, is another popular type of cat in India. These cats are a fantastic choice for individuals who prefer interacting with their pets since they are very clever, loud, and communicative. Siamese cats are excellent companions for people who appreciate spending time with their pets since they are also highly loving and love to snuggle. In India, Siamese cats cost between ₹30,000 and ₹40,000 rupees. Siamese cats live for 10 to 12 years.

8. Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats

Large and adorable, the Maine Coon cat breed is renowned for its friendly and loving nature. These extremely friendly cats are renowned for getting along well with kids, which makes them a fantastic choice for families. Maine Coons are a great choice for people who like energetic and engaging pets because they are also very intelligent and like playing and exploring. In India, Maine coon cats are priced between  ₹15,000 and  ₹20,000. The average lifetime of a Maine coon cat is 15 years.

9. American Bobtail Cats

American Bobtail Cats

The American Bobtail Cat’s tail is its cutest feature. As their name implies, these cats are often characterised by their one-third-length bobtail. They are strong-built with long hair and lustrous coats. Their eyes can be any colour and they have beautiful fur. In India, American bobtails cost between ₹10,000 and ₹20,000 rupees. The typical lifetime of an American bobtail cat is 15 years.

10. Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue Cats

The hues of the Russian Blue cat breed range from a lighter, shining silver to a deeper, slate grey. They are identified by their bright and brilliant eyes and thick, plush double coats. Russian Blues are friendly, loving, and low-maintenance cats. They are comparatively independent and do not make a lot of demands. Russian Blues make the perfect pet for domestic cats and inattentive cat owners. A Russian Blue kitten with pure blood can cost anywhere from ₹30,000 to ₹90,000. The lifetime of the Russian blue is 15 to 20 years. 

11. Singapura Cats

Singapura Cats

One of India’s cutest cat breeds is the Singapura Cat, sometimes referred to as the “Forever kitten”. This cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds and does not gain or lose weight during its life. They were first found in Singapore, where they were given the nickname “drain kittens” due to their preference for residing in the gutters. Costs for Singapura Cat breeds range from ₹25,000 to  ₹30,000. Singapura cats often live for 15 years or less. 

12. Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cats

A huge cat with several colour spots and blue eyes is called a ragdoll cat. One of the most tolerant cat breeds is the ragdoll. These kitties are remarkably calm and kind. Ragdoll cats make wonderful family pets and get along well with kids and other animals. If you are sensitive to noise, it won’t bother you because they are silent cats. Ragdolls are the ideal companion cat for anybody looking for a friendly, cuddly, peaceful, and laid-back feline. Ragdoll Cats cost around ₹30000 in India. The lifespan of Ragdoll Cats is approximately 14 to 15 years.

13. British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair cats are an older and more attractive cat breed renowned for their warm and friendly natures. These cats are low-maintenance and sociable, making them a perfect choice for anybody looking for a low-maintenance companion. British Shorthairs are a wonderful choice for families since they get along well with kids and are well-known for being kind and patient. In India, British shorthair cats go for roughly ₹20,000 each. British shorthair cats have a 15–18 year lifespan.

14. Somali Cats

Somali Cats

These cats have unusual ombré hair, which comes in four stunning colours. Somali cats love to play as much as they love to snuggle. With their intelligence, don’t be surprised if your cat manages to sneak the food while you’re at work. In India, Somali cats can set you back up to ₹30,000. The lifespan of a Somali cat is 12 to 16 years.

15. Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex Cats

Due to their constant need to be with their humans—just like a puppy—the Devon rex breed is usually compared to dogs. They won’t require much attention, but they will follow you everywhere. Devons enjoy being a part of whatever you’re doing, and they become anxious when left alone for a lengthy period of time. If you live in a small place, they are an excellent option because their weight limit is roughly 9 pounds. A Devon rex cat may live between 10 and 15 years. In India, a Devon rex cat will run you almost ₹40,000.

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