25 Types of Top Dog Breeds In India

Dogs have long been regarded as among humankind’s best and closest friends. The dogs perform among domesticated animals, including friends, helpers, guardians, and lifesavers. Dogs have been people’s best friends for generations since they are such amazing companions. There has long been a close bond between dogs and people. 

Having a dog as a best friend shows that they are devoted, kind, understanding, and possess an unbreakable spirit. Even after the worst day in our lives, they cheerfully welcome us and cheer us up with a wag of their tail and a playful grin. Types of dogs in India assist humans with daily chores, whether it’s herding sheep, hunting games, helping people with impairments, or simply being a friend unlike any other.

Dog Best Friend

Dogs can be extremely helpful to people, which is why they are frequently referred to as “man’s best friend.” Dogs make wonderful pets since they are beneficial for your health, may serve as excellent guard dogs, and can provide you with the necessary emotional support. Your mental and physical health will improve if you keep a dog as a pet. Your dogs inspire you to get outside and get some exercise. 

Pets prevent loneliness and offer unwavering affection. People can’t always be there for you, but pets can in many ways. A pet never passes judgment on you and will still adore you despite all your flaws. Varieties of dogs in India assist us without being asked or waiting for anything in return. They are eager to see you when you get home from work and are waiting for you at the door. Your dog could wait for you to crouch down so he can kiss you or show you how much he loves you, or he might even come running up to greet you and tell you how much he misses you.

Types Of Dog Breeds In India For Home

There are many different types of dog breeds in India, we have compiled some of them which are listed below.

1. Labrador

Labrador - types of dogs breeds

Due to their extraordinary friendliness, adorability, and ability to form strong bonds with everyone, labs are among the cutest, most famous dog breeds in India and the most well-liked dog breeds in India. Due to their strong energy and lively nature, labs make wonderful family dogs. One thing you should keep in mind about this breed is that they require a lot of games and interesting activities in order to stay active and healthy. Labs are known for their superior intelligence and devoted training adaptability by participating in defense and bomb squads. Different hues of yellow, brown, and black can be found in India for this adorable dog breed. 

2. Beagle

Beagle - types of dog breeds

Beagles have lovely characteristics like begging eyes, velvety brown hair, hound-like long ears falling low, and a large head. They are one of the top dog pet breeds in India and are active, inquisitive, and intelligent canines. Beagles are excellent hound dogs with lots of barking and wailing that is regarded as devoted family companions. These warm-hearted creatures have a tiny, moist noses that they use to love the following aromas. Since beagles are sociable and make wonderful watchdogs, they need proper training.  

3. Pomeranian

Pomeranian - Types of dog breeds

One of the greatest pet dogs for homes in India is the Pomeranian, sometimes referred to as POM. The breed is modest in stature and has been held by several royals. Due to the popularity of little dogs, the Pomeranian, one of the top fifty dog breeds in the US, is now ranked as the best dog breed for households.

4. Indian Pariah

Indian Pariah- Types of dog breed

The Indian Pariah dog is an Indian one of the famous pet breeds in India, as its name suggests. This is undoubtedly one of the trainable desi breeds. The breed is employed as a police and security dog. The skull and ears of an Indian Pariah dog are wedge-shaped. Since they are simple to train, the majority varieties of dogs in India are of the same breed. As a result, they rank among the greatest dogs for homes in India.

5. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever - Types of dog breeds

The Golden retriever is an all-arounder, a devoted friend with appealing characteristics. This adorable dog breed is well-known in India and across the world for being vivacious, energetic, and joyful with all heart-warming qualities. Retrievers have a patient attitude and an obedient demeanor, which makes them a good choice for families with children. They look fantastic, with charming smile on their faces and lustrous coat hair. They are lively and like playing games, this adorable dog breed should have regular exercise. 

6. Pug

Pug - Types of dog breed

One of the most widely used and widely available the best dog for home in India in India. Pugs are intelligent family dogs who appreciate sharing affection. They have sparkling eyes, wrinkled skin, and a sturdy body structure. This breed, which is devoted and affectionate, loves a temperate climate. 

7. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz - Types of dog breeds

Indian spitz is extremely easy to train or groom. They take little upkeep but give the most delight and affection in return. They make bold, tame, and smart pets that are suitable for everyone. As one of the more affordable alternatives to choose from in terms of cost and upkeep, this adorable breed is highly widespread in India and is primarily found among the middle class. 

8. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu - Types of dog breed

Shining with deep, large eyes Shih Tzus are utterly endearing and would fill their companions’ lives with joy and nothing but affection. Since their notion of enjoyment is to sit and take it all in, they are perfect if you’re searching for some clinging attention. 

9. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky - Types of dog breeds

One of the most popular dog breeds in India is the husky. They occasionally have one of each of the four eye colors (blue, brown, grey, or green), and they are friendly, energetic, and submissive dogs. The Husky breed is adaptable to cold weather since it is descended from an area that was once frozen. Due to their thick coats, they have a hard time adjusting to mild or warm climates.

10. Chihuahua

Chihuahua - Types of dog breed

Since they are one of the oldest breeds still in existence, Chihuahuas are a little and compact breed with a big personality. You only need to be aware of this breed’s loyalty, charisma, and big-dog attitude. 

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11. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel - Types of dog breeds

Everyone, from young children to senior citizens, loves the Cocker Spaniel. Long ears and sweet-looking eyes characterize this dog. They are a fairly average size, making them both practical and sporty.

12. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso - Types of dog breed

With long, parted hair, large eyes, and a breed that is incredibly happy, Lhasa apsos are a regal and majestic breed. One of the oldest breeds, they are kind towards familiar individuals but somewhat reticent around strangers. 

13. Bull Dog

Bull Dog - Types of dog breeds

Smart, focused, and vibrant This beloved and adorable dog breed is particularly common in India because it adores company. They are smart and rapidly pick up new skills and tricks. This little bulldog only needs a little outside training. A French Bulldog with a Merle coat pattern is known as a merle french bulldog. The Merle pattern results in speckling or mottling as well as color patches that are either lighter or darker than the underlying coat color.

14. German Shepherd

German Shepherd - Types of dog breed

German Shepherds sometimes referred to as GSDs, are large to medium-sized dogs. Germany, where the breed first appeared, is where it got its name. The German Shepherd looks like a wolf. German Shepherds are exceptionally loving and caring animals despite having a terrifying appearance. They make excellent guard dogs. The breed mostly serves in law enforcement, military, and performing jobs as well as search and rescue missions, handicap aid, and acting. 

15. Great Dane

Great Dane - Types of dog breeds

The Great Dane is renowned for its enormous size. Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff, Boarhound, and Appolo of Dogs are various other names for the breed. The bread is dependable and wise. It is simple to train them. Great Danes enjoy spending time with kids and have a friendly personality. The most common colors for these dogs are white, red, hat, fawn, and brindle. They allow pets, which makes them among the greatest dogs for homes in India.

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16. Rottweiler

Rottweiler - Types of dog breed

One of the greatest dog breeds for families in India is the Rottweiler. The breed is renowned for being a devoted guardian. They are extremely devoted to their owner and possess great strength. They are hence the perfect domestic companions. But children need to be socialized and educated in the best ways possible from a young age. The breed often has a short coat and loose hair. Rottweilers eat well, so make sure you provide them with the best food that is rich in nutrients. These canines are available in mahogany and black or tan and black.

17. Boxer

Boxer - Types of dog breeds

Boxers make the ideal house dogs. The breed is simple to keep and train. Given their size and structure, Boxers are among the finest dog breeds in India for homes and are suitable for all kinds of households. The breed features a broad head and body, strong jaws, and a square snout. The breed has a pleasant disposition. The dog is offered in fawn, brindle, and white, among other colors.

18. Dalmatian

Dalmatian - Types of dog breed

One of the sleek and athletic dog breeds is the Dalmatian. The star of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians is a member of this breed. The primary purpose of Dalmatians, which are huge dogs with distinctive white coats and black or liver-colored patches, is as carriage dogs. It is a well-known family companion and is regarded as the best breed of dog for homes in India.

19. Doberman

Doberman - Types of dog breeds

Dobermans are also known as Doberman Pinschers. This breed of dog is of medium to big size. It has a very long muzzle. Unlike other dogs, it does not have a hefty foot. Dobermanns are considered the ideal dogs for a house in India because of their intelligence, alertness, and loyalty. The breed is also simple to train. 

20. Pitbull

Pitbull - Types of dog breed

Pit bulls were bred primarily for fighting when they originally appeared in North America.  The breed is renowned for its kind nature. They are shy, sociable, and simple to pet at home. However, they also exhibit aggression. Their primary function is as police dogs.

21. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog  -Types of dog breeds

This large Swiss beauty has a tri-colored coat of black, brown, and white that is smooth, sleek, and hairy. Their clever brown eyes appear to understand what you’re saying, and they’re constantly cheerful. Their large fluffy ears and long tails are covered with thick, silky, curling hair.

22. Pomsky 

Pomsky  -Types of dog breeds

This designer dog is a wonderful mix of the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. The Pomsky is highly hairy with a silky and somewhat wavy coat that may be practically any color combination because they both have double-thick coats. Their large wide eyes can also be practically any hue.

23. Dachshund

Dachshund  -Types of dog breeds

These pups may be little, but they have big hearts. Dachshunds are masters of their environment, thanks to their long bodies and tiny legs. They are inquisitive and independent, yet they also like being with their folks. They may not be built for long-distance running, but they do like a nice walk.

24. Havanese 

Havanese  -Types of dog breeds

This Cuban cutie has long wavy fur with an undercoat and an outer coat. They have floppy ears, and a short, perky tail, and are usually tri or bi-colored in a dark and light pattern such as brown and white, black and tan, or brindle.

25. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier  -Types of dog breeds

Bring a Yorkie into your home if you want a little dog to keep you company. These adorable pups have long, shiny coats and sweet eyes that will melt your heart. Yorkies, while often pushy, are an excellent size for apartment dwellers and anybody in need of a cute lap warmer.

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