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30 Most Beautiful Paintings By Tyrus Wong Which Describes The Power Of Pastel Colors

One of the most artistic centenarians that ever lived was Tyrus Wong.

He was an immensely talented Chinese-born American artist. Apart from being a painter, he was also an animator, calligrapher, muralist, ceramicist, lithographer and kite maker, as well as a set designer and storyboard artist. He was one of the most influential and celebrated Asian-American artists of the 20th century. Moreover, he also worked as a film production illustrator for Disney and Warner Brothers.

His paintings and artistic illustrations are something that we even admire today. And the very famous character ‘Bambi’ was a result of his immense vivid imagination.

However, there are several other famous artworks made by him, that are just as mesmerizing as Bambi.

Here are some of the best paintings made by Tyrus Wong:


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Paintings carry different meanings for different individuals. To me I think this kid seems to be content lost in her own world of imagination and happiness.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

This is one of the most famous work of Tyrus. This painting is called ‘The reclining nude’. This images depicts how woman is comfortable in her own skin even with all the imperfections. She is happy in her own space.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

I see it as a beautiful portrayal of fading forests, endangered species, and everything moving towards no man’s land.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Is that a sandstorm in he woods and  a lost animal amidst it? I am confused. Too deep eh?


Tyrus Wong Paintings

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Is that an imaginary beauty or something that has been untouched or unseen by selfish eyes of humans?


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The red color surely depicts blood relations and with only family pictures shows there is nothing you’d need when you have the strength of a family.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Are these some words from Chinese language? Unfinished words, chaos, many possibilities.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

This is right out of one of the lucid dreams I keep having.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Energy! That is how this image decodes for me. This is the magic of sunlight.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Water and greenery, this is all that makes the entire planet livable.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The freshness that flowers emit can brighten anyone’s day.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The perfect portrayal of raindrops quenching the thirst of the forest floor.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

No matter how small you are, you will find things that are just made for you.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The fire destroying the abode of animals while they sulk from a distance.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

A deer, somehow trying to outrun the fire and save one’s life. Or the outrage of the deer as his loved ones being preyed by the king of the jungle.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

When you have to be attentive even when you are eating. That’s the life of animals in the wild.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The Dragon which conquers the evil.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

A perfect morning in the forest where sun rays are kissing the green leaves.

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Tyrus Wong Paintings

Koala looking right at you. Maybe he is amazed to see another kind of a specie for the first time.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The mist fades away the view and makes the forest look so mysterious.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Deers running away when chased by a predator. An everyday task.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The evening sky slowly turns emerald and it’s time to go home.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

A lonely bird finds a lonely tree to give him company.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The majestic stags overlooking their territory.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

For a child, any place can become a playground.

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Tyrus Wong Paintings

The big green tree in all its glory.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

The pastels and hues of red which shows how the forest bleeds because of urbanization.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

A deer when he finally approaches the river after thirst of the entire day.


Tyrus Wong Paintings

This image reminds me of Samurai Jack. What does it mean for you?


Tyrus Wong Paintings

Even the water shimmers as it glides over the smooth rocky riverbed of stones.


Aren’t these paintings surreal? I bet they are because I just can’t take my eyes off them. And I still wonder what was the thought process of Tyrus Wong, when he meticulously made these masterpieces. Because no matter how hard you try, only the artist can tell you what he felt while drawing. Even then, I have tried my best to project what I felt by putting my thoughts as their caption because I don’t know the real titles of these paintings.

But one thing is for sure, it must have taken a lot of effort from Wong to complete each painting. And just so you know, he continued his work till he died at the age of 106.

And here, all I can manage to draw is an elephant which pretty much looks like an alien dog! 

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